Monday, March 31, 2014

Weekend, vegan restaurant and more ♡

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend. Last weekend was very special to me because it was my last weekend with my boyfriend before he went to Japan. We stayed together from thursday to sunday until right before his departure.
I left the airport in tears because he's going to stay for a month and we've never been apart for more than a week since our very first date.
Today he arrived in Abu Dabhi and I got to talk to him for a few minutes before he took the plane to Nagoya, he's flying to Japan as I write this post, I can't wait for him to get there soon so I can stop worrying haha. Since we live in Brazil, he's literally in the other side of the world now and I'm here on the far opposite. At the airport he kept telling me to cheer up that he would come back with my lolita dresses but I was so sad :(
Well, at least we got to do a lot of things together since thursday, it was very tiring since we had to get up early almost all the days, and he had to pack and everything, during all weekend we were very tired as you are about to see in the pictures.
Thursday and Friday we dedicated to finish watching the last season of Breaking Bad, we watched all the episodes of the whole series together and it was really fun and I like how it all ended.
Thursday my boyfriend also brought me Mr.Cheney cookies which I've been curious to try. Yep "How not to spoil your girlfriend" a book he never has never read.

Friday we went to a burger place and after to our favorite ice cream shop, it's called Bacio di Latte and they have the best gelato in the country, even foreign people when come here and are introduced to Bacio di Latte love the place. If you ever come to São Paulo I really recommend that you try this gelato!

São Paulo's most famous gelato: we picked pear and strawberry flavors. all natural.
Boyfriend happily eating his ice cream.
Saturday we had lunch with his family and he spent most time packing as I took naps. At night we went to the mall and grocery store. Easter is a big thing in Brazil, since most brazilians are Christian. During Easter we give chocolate eggs to each other, my boyfriend is not going to be here for Easter so he wanted to give me a chocolate egg before leaving to Japan. I didn't want an Easter egg because I hate brazilian chocolate, and the prices are so abusive! A chocolate bar made from the same chocolate with almost the same weight costs only a fraction of the Easter egg. Instead of buying an egg he gave me my favorite candy which inspired the name of this blog:

I love gourmet jelly beans specially from Jelly Belly! Too bad they are so expensive (just like any foreign product) in Brazil, I already ate one bag :o. My favorite flavors are: buttered popcorn, toasted marshmallow and red apple!.

Finally on Sunday me and my boyfriend had lunch with his parents and by the end of the afternoon we went to the airport. For lunch we went all the way to Granja Viana, my city is huge so there are some places that I've never been before and even some I never heard of. I live in the busiest neighborhood ever so Granja Viana felt like another city to me, I found there really pretty and calm. We went to a vegan restaurant called Ser.afim. I'm not a vegan, but I rarely eat meat, chicken and even fish because I simply don't like. I find meat a little bit gross and besides sushi and hamburgers I don't really enjoying having meat on my plate and I live of veggies, dairy and carbs (and sugar). No need to say I loved the restaurant, everything there looked so natural and cute in a very simple way, all tables had a vase with beautiful natural flowers and the environment there was really peaceful. I had a plate full of grains and healthy things and an organic Guaraná. In case you don't know Guaraná is a popular brazilian soft drink made of an Amazonian berry called guaraná. For dessert we had organic sundaes. Everything was super yummy and I totally want to go back there someday!

Excuse my make-upless, tired face.

Healthy food and organic Guaraná!
Beautiful organic sundaes!
They also had a koi fish mini lake and a small store with hippie clothes. It was pouring so I was wearing a hood. Gosh we look so tired :/
Can't wait for my boyfriend to send news from Japan, bet he is going to have a great time there. I already miss him a lot!

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Friday, March 28, 2014

All my BB Creams and my opinions about them ♡

I'm a huge consumer of Korean cosmetics, today I'm gonna show my BBs and tell my impressions about them. I wear BB cream daily, the concept of all-in-one the product offers really suit my needs, whenever I'm buying a new BB cream I take in consideration the price, coverage and sun protection.
All BB cream I own are from Korean brands, I have never tried japanese or western BB creams. I do own some foundations from M.A.C but even when going to a party I'm more likely to wear BB cream. The best foundation I ever owned was Vichy's Dermablend, if you have troubled skin and wants perfect coverage I couldn't recommend a better product! Unfortunately I ran out of mine and it's really expensive (I got mine as a present).
Anyway before I give you my opinions about my BB creams it's important to remember that a product being bad or good also depends on the skin type and personal preferences as well as the climate conditions the skin is exposed too.
I have a medium skin tone (European and American people are usually very pale compared to me but in Brazil/South America most people have darker skin than me I'm a M.A.C NC25) whenever I buy skin products from Korea I always pick the second lightest color if color is an option, sometimes products come in one color only. Also if your skin is dark I'd recommend you trying Maybelline or L'Oreal BB creams as Korean brands don't have a large range of color choices.
I live in a subtropical area, the summer here is very hot and moist, the spring and fall are mild and the winter is somewhat chilly and very dry. I have dry skin. During summer my T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) does get a little oily but in the winter my skin gets really dry. I rarely have breakouts or acne in general. Let's take a look on my face to give you a better idea:

That's me wearing BB cream and poorly placed fake eyelashes
The reason I look for good coverage when buying make-up is because of my dark circles, no matter what I do I can't get rid of them completely so at least I try to cover them up as well as I can.
Also I like matte finish so I always purchase the silk version of BB Creams, I deeply dislike when they come with shimmer, if that's your case make sure you always pick Silk instead of Glow.

All of that said let's take a look on those BB creams!

From left to right: Missha, SKIN79, Etude House CC, BB and Tonymoly.
Missha Signature BB Cream
My biggest investment, the price was "reasonable", meanig: it wasn't cheap so I had to think a lot about it before purchasing it, yep, I'm a big fan of bargains, 28USD if I well remember, it's my "luxury" BB cream I save for dates, night outs, parties and special occasions in general. There are only 2 things I dislike about this BB cream: first it's packing isn't very economic, though it doesn't look like in the picture the container is not squeezable, second: 25SPF? C'mon Missha you can do better than that I need at least 30SPF under this brazilian sun! I'd give 4 out of 5 to this product, also I don't think it matters that much but I find the packing a little tacky, though I like that it is easy to clean and doesn't become an ugly thing like my CC cream after a couple uses.

SKIN79 Blemish Balm (pink version)
Some people love this product. But I don't. The coverage is just fine so is the price, the design, etc. But it makes my skin greyish, the packing is heavy and not economic at all, I hate carrying this product in my make-up bag. Personally, I don't recommend it. I used to wear it mixing with my M.A.C foundation but now that I have more options of BB cream I rarely use it.

Etude House CC Cream
I know it's not a BB cream but at least to me it doesn't make that much difference, it does have a lighter coverage but on my skin it works just as good as the BB cream (not the Etude BB cream tough). When you pump the product out of the tube it is white and as you start spreading it on your face it acquires a beige tone that blends with your skin color. On my skin it looks nice and natural and I wore it a lot during last summer since it also has 30SPF. It should come with more product though, this lasts nothing so I try to save it. Also the packing get dirty easily and once that happens it's impossible to clean it back leaving the product with an ugly appearance (and that's from someone who really takes care of her make-up). Besides that I do like the product and I would even purchase it again.

Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream
I don't like it. It's my least favorite from the ones I have. It costs about 14USD which would be reasonable if the product was any good. The coverage is average at first but after 2 hours of use my skin gets oily and my face look like I'm not even wearing make-up (in the bad way, not the natural looking way). The packing is also impossible to clean once it get's dirty, problem that I only had with Etude House BB Creams. No need to say that I'll never repurchased it.

Tonymoly Cat's Wink BB cream
For 8USD this product is more than great, no complains, easy to carry in my make-up bag, cute packing, comes with reasonable amount. This is my everyday BB cream, the coverage isn't "wow" and it only has 15SPF but fair enough for it's price. I do recommend this product.

Plus: Etude House Shini Star BB Cream

It was my first BB Cream. I still own the face powder from the same range but the BB Cream didn't last long. I did like the product and used it until it's last drop. I wouldn't purchase it again because it comes with a really small amount of product and again the packing, though it's pretty cute, get's dirty and ugly way too easily specially for someone so careful like me. It's an okay product I do not recommend the face powder though.

That's it! I don't intend to buy new BB Creams anytime soon but I do wanna hear your recommendations for the future and hope this post will help you somehow when buying a BB Cream.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My experience with penpals/snailmail and tips ♡

If I had to pick one thing that me and other Instagram girls I know get asked a lot that would be:

"Hey wanna be my penpal?"

Yes, we get that a lot, specially when posting pictures of incoming/outgoing mail. So since I notice quite a few girls out there are really desperate to get into the penpal thing I have something for you.

The audreyyxxo's guide to aspiring penpals

1. How do I get a penpal?
 Please, but pleaseeee, don't go asking on peoples profiles if they want to be your penpal. Most letter writers already have enough penpals and most of them can't afford to pick more, not to mention that it takes time to write, pack and post.
There are two things you can do that I know from my personal experience that will work much better:
1st: you let people know yourself that you want a penpal and by that I mean post on your Instagram, Tumblr or wathever "Looking for penpals" or "Penpal wanted" add the relevant tags (#penpal #snailmail #penpalwanted #letterwritting) and a brief explanation for example:

"Looking for a penpal.
Girls only, age 21 to 30,
From Asia or Europe.
I'm 23 and I live in Belgium"

Then wait for the interested people reply you and pick the ones you identify the most or are more curious about. There's a girl from Canada who also loves cats and sewing? Go for her. Or an Irish girl who lives in Singapore and has blue hair? Why not her? Pick the ones you find interesting.

Important note: start with a few penpals to see how it goes, I suggest picking 1 to 3 penpals to begin with.

2nd: you can also search the #penpalwanted tag and volunteer to exchange letters with someone who's also looking for a snail mail partner!

Important note 2: if even taking step 1 or 2 you don't find a penpal be patient and don't give up, some people get a lot of requests and sometimes is hard to compete with so many options but if you keep trying you will find the right penpal for you!

2. Once I get my penpal(s) what do I do?
Exchange e-mails or add yourselves on Facebook, don't be afraid and volunteer to send the first letter, specially if you already have snail mail experience, get the persons address and start your letter!
I think it's important to make things kindly and neatly, a beautiful envelope full of cuteness and small gifts and details can brighten anyone's day. Receiving a piece of paper written by someone from a far away country it's a wonderful feeling, it makes you wonder how amazing is the possibility that a envelope has to travel such long distances.

- Write a letter about your life and hobbies, talk about your plans for the future if you like and mainly, talk about your country and culture, at least to me, that's a huge part of what snail mail is about: getting to know different cultures and points of view.
Also don't forget to ask questions about the person your sending your letter to, what they like to do on their free time, what they do for a living, how is the city they live. Tell them what you know about their country even if it's just one thing for example if the person is from Singapore you can say "Oh I heard it's sunny all year round over there" or if she or he is from Peru you can say "I went to this Peruvian restaurant the other day with my family" no matter how silly the only fact you know about their country is it's always nice to hear that someone from a different continent knows something about your culture!

- Add an small present, it can be a polaroid picture that you took, or a couple of tea bags from your country if you know that the person likes tea, be creative, it doesn't matter if the little memento is simple because something from another country is always pretty awesome.
Once you get more experience you'll start having more creative ideas. When I sent my first letters they were very simple and now they are a bit like this:

 After I write the letter, put everything together and seal the envelope it should look like this:

You decide how you'll do it, be creative, use different materials, sometimes I buy stuff and sometimes I craft but my letters and envelopes contents always end up looking very audreyish!
I personally love when people craft envelopes and their contents, that is if the person has talent, if that is not your case you can always keep it cute by finding cute letter sets, and stickers, and stamps and everything else to decorate your parcels! Some examples of stuff I use are: wooden stamps and different inkpads, stickers, color gel pens, washi tape, small gift bags, etc.

Be creative and committed to what you are about to get in, someone is gonna spend time and money to send you letters so be respectful to that someone and try making something simple yet beautiful and well made. That said I think this post might help you further.

And to finish some pictures I took from the amazing letters my awesome penpals sent me:

Letter from @pastel_unicorn_ (Australia)

Letter from @princessskiwi (From Canada and also a lolita!)

Thank You for reading

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

My Lolita Dream Dresses ♡

Hi everyone! Today I'll be showing my dream dresses.

Lotta JSK in blue

Misty Sky OP in navy

Melty Cream Doughnut OP in pink

Toy March JSK in navy

Honey Cake JSK in yellow

 Thank You for reading

Weekend and presents ♡

 Hello everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was cool, I watched a bunch of Breaking Bad episodes with my boyfriend and we had sushi for dinner twice haha so I can't complain. This is my last week with my boyfriend because next Sunday he's going to Japan and he will stay there for a whole month! That makes me happy and sad at the same time, I wish I could go with him but unfortunately I can't :/
During his stay there I'll probably watch copious amounts of anime and TV series so give me your recommendations!
My step mom's sister aka step aunt arrived last Sunday from Italy, she was kind enough to bring me some presents from Milan and France:

Lindt chocolate bunny and Yves Saint Laurent nail polish

The nail polish color really suits my everyday style. Kokeshi doll compact mirror and hairbrush from Paris and PUPA pencil eyeliner
  The nail polish is beautiful and probably the fanciest bottle I ever owned, the eyeliner is very pigmented and it comes with a smudge brush for a smoky eye effect it's seriously the best pencil eyeliner I have ever tried the only thing I don't like is that the pencil is somewhat small and since I use black pencil eyeliner quite often I know it won't last much, though I'll save this one for special occasions and keep my Lioele liner for my daily wear. The kokeshi mirror/hairbrush is just adorable and it's already in my make-up bag. Funnily I also got presents from my boyfriends parents last weekend too including a kokeshi charm from his mother and japanese cookies from the Buddhist temple!

The thing I like about giving and receiving presents is that it doesn't matter if big or small they always make someone feel loved and important ♡

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Nail inspiration and my favorite nail polishes ♡

 Hello there! Today I'm gonna share some very inspiring nails, from simple to more complex designs and show my favorite nail polishes. I'm a big fan of deco nails when well executed so I picked some examples that I personally find beautiful. All pictures are either mine or found on Tumblr so I'm sorry if proper credit was not given if some of the pictures are yours let me know and I'll give you credit.

This blue and cake one from @drbabycuddles IG

Some of my nails featured on my Instagram all natural but very simple :/

Favorite nail polishes
I'm a big fan of glitter, ombré, black nail polish and pastel colors in general but the two colors I wear the most are baby pink and blue ♡

Picture found on Tumblr
My favorite nail polishes all from Etude House

Nail stuff that my loving boyfriend gave me

For Audrey nail polish by China Glaze
I bought this China Glaze turquoise blue a long time ago and it's still one of my favorites, my bottle is ugly now so here's a picture from the web and the name is really "For Audrey" which makes very special for me
I prefer oval shaped nails but it looks awesome with silver glitter
I'm currently looking for the perfect pastel pink nail polish! I'll let you girls know once I find it ♡