Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Finally the Nintendo 3DS is here ♡

Everyone who knows me is so glad that I finally got this thing because for an entire year I wouldn't shut up about how much I wanted a Nintendo 3DS. This console was the 1st item on my wishlist and it was such a struggle to get it.
First things first, I couldn't buy it in Brazil, things here are crazy expensive, all imported itens cost: original price + 60% of taxes + profit of the seller. And here you have your final price. And this is for everything excluding books and magazines. So a Nintendo 3DS here costs at least 2x more expensive than in the U.S.
When me and my boyfriend were on trip in Uruguay in January we bought a DSi XL, I did like the console though it was outdated but when I found out I couldn't play Animal Crossing New Leaf on that thing I just promptly decide to sell it and so I did.
Finally my father went to NYC and I asked him to bring me the 3DS XL, he couldn't find it but a friend who was staying longer said he would bring it but didn't say when. And here we are up to 1 month later. I was very disappointed at first because I was expecting this:

I didn't get the 3DS XL, here's what I got:

The Nintendogs + Cats game was actually a present from my boyfriend and it features my favorite breed Golden Retriever!

At first I was "Meh this is not the one I wanted" but 1 hour later I was like "Let's just be thankful for what we have" and now I pretty happy with the 3DS. I can't wait to get Animal Crossing New Leaf!

Of course I had to hang my new Little Twin Stars Charm first! But I also have the spoon and heart-shaped macaron ones for when I feel like changing ♡

Overall I'm really happy with my 3DS even though is not the one I originally wanted I think this one is also pretty cute :3

Also my boyfriend has been sending me regular updates from Japan and is safe to say I'm a halfway to lolitahood now! I even own a petticoat ^o^
He got me more magazines ♡ This is the most beautiful Gothic and Lolita Bible cover ever! And the Liz Lisa mook:

I'm very excited to go through those magazines! I'll probably take pictures of the insides when they get here ^^

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  1. Love the name of your blog, its cute! So far Im loving your blog! :)

  2. Lovely blog and lovely post♥

    The white/pink Nintendo 3DS XL was actually a limited edition so it has probably not been possible to grab ;-)

    1. Yep I was pretty sad at first but now I love the little one I got ^^ thank you for your comment <3