Friday, April 11, 2014

My Closet Child Harajuku experience and 1st Lolita brand dress ♡

Hello everyone, so as some of you might know my boyfriend is currently in Japan. As I write this post he's doing me the huge favor to hunt lolita items for me right now.
He's been in Japan for two weeks now and the thing I was expecting the most was his visit to Closet Child Harajuku! Turns out it was a quite disappointing experience that just happened.
I was hoping for a Honey Cake or a Day Dream Carnival and I gave him a list of over 20 different prints including Milky Berry, Misty Sky,Toy March and even not so ''rare'' ones like Cherry Berry Bunny and Wonder Party.
I've been dreaming about Angelic Pretty dresses for so long and I've never even seen one in person. Turns out he found only one of the dresses I wanted, it was definitely not on the top 15 prints but I thought it was a pretty cute dress that I think really suits the style I wanna go for. And...
It's not from Angelic Pretty. I wanna keep as a surprise until the dress gets here but all I can say is from Baby, The Stars Shine Bright!           
I was so disappointed when he came to me saying that he didn't find any of the Angelic Pretty dresses there but very relieved at the same time because he found this Baby's one!
He might still hit Closet Child Shinjuku and I hope we are luckier if he does!
I would tell him to get a dress at the oficial Angelic Pretty store even for up to 24000 yen because its something I really want, but the prints they currently have there I don't like any of them, not even a bit. Fantasy Theater, Melody Toys, Dreamy Girl?? No thanks. Not for 10000 and definitely not for 24000+.
Anyway this post is actually to warn you guys about Closet Child Harajuku!

My expectation:
My boyfriend would get there and connect on wi-fi so we could talk, he would send me pictures of everything, the attendants would speak at least some English and give him proper attention. He would leave there with at least two dresses from my wishlist.

There's no wi-fi at Closet Child Harajuku, you are not allowed to take pictures, the attendants are rude and don't speak any English at all. From the shaky pictures my boyfriend managed to take (hidden) all I saw were Fantastic Dollies, Fancy Paper Dolls and Toy Fantasies. I actually wanted to cry. If you're wondering what taste I have for lolita you can check my dream dress list.

I just wanted to share this experience with you guys in case you were planning to do the same. If a friend is going to Japan and you want them to go to Closet Child Harajuku for you just try not keeping your expectations as high as I did. I also got some stuff from Bodyline because as you know I'm only starting in lolita fashion and I have to buy everything so for now I can't afford buying brand only. Also if you are traveling to Japan and want to buy shoes at Bodyline physical store I hope you have small feet, I'm a US 8,5 and it was already a pain for me to have my boyfriend find suitable shoes, can't imagine girls who have bigger feet :(

That's it I hope this post will be somewhat helpful to you guys and I can't wait to show you my first brand dress ever!

Thank You for reading!

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