Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My first Lolita outfit and updates ♡

 Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I last posted but now I have way too many things to talk about! Last Saturday I met my boyfriend who I was in Japan for a month, it was really nice to have him back since I missed him way too much. We went to a smoothie bar together and then came to my house to open the two suitcases worth of japanese goods he brought me. Some of the things I asked him to bring and some he picked himself I thought it was really cute the criteria he used to choose stuff for me. I'm not lucky for having him, I'm blessed :) and this has nothing to do with stuff he brings from Japan or the fact he's handsome, it's because of his kindness and good care he takes of me.
We made such a mess opening all the stuff, the things I was expecting the most were the Lolita clothes of course but until I got to them I had a lot of fun looking through the suitcases and finding little things that were in my wishlist since forever as well as things that I didn't even imagine but my boyfriend found for me. He had such a patience shopping, packing it all and bringing all the way to Brazil from the opposite side of the world, I can't thank him enough. And yes, I think we exagerated, after opening both suitcases and taking all the content from them we laid all the stuff on my bed but couldn't even put everything on because that was no room. Some of you probably saw on Instagram but the majority of the things are in this picture:

Although it was way too much stuff we took in consideration the opportunity since Japan is 26 hours away from Brazil it's very expensive to go there and we have no idea if and when we'll be able to go. With that in mind he brought me Japanese snacks, cosmetics, clothes, magazines and stationery, A LOT of stationery which is for sure the kind of stuff he got the most. I actually had to buy a cupboard only to store the new letter sets, notebooks, washi tapes, etc.
The stores he went to buy all that stuff were: Daiso (because even though we have three Daisos in Brazil they cost 3x more than Japan's stores and don't have nearly as many cool things as in Japan), Matsumoto Kyoshi  (for make-up), Don Quijote, Loft (stationery), Tokyu Hands (stationery and crafts), Kiddyland (Sanrio and San-x), Sanrio, Swimmer, Angelic Pretty, Closet Child (for 2nd hand lolita clothing), Bodyline (for cheap but new lolita clothing and shoes), Liz Lisa, Claire's JP (which is waaay cooler than the American stores), Paris Kids and others.

Last Sunday I was invited to go to a Lolita meeting, it was my first meeting and first time wearing lolita. This is what I wore:

I didn't really like this picture because my head looks too big for my body here :(
The meeting was ok, I was shy because I didn't really know anyone I'm looking forward to my next meeting which is going to happen in about two weeks, it's going to be somewhat of a swap meeting and I hope I'll get to get some new blouses and lolita socks. I later posted a picture with details of my first outfit on Instagram:

Beret: off-brand
Bow pin: Laundry
Blouse: Zara
Tights: off-brand
Shoes: Bodyline
Bear bag: Angelic Pretty
Bow ring: Chocomint
Donut ring: Angelic Pretty
Heart ring: Angelic Pretty

Overall I did like my first outfit, the points I didn't like were: the skirt being too short, the tights being to sheer since the skirt was short and the bag which doesn't match perfectly. I already bought thicker white tights yesterday but I still have to buy a pink bag! Also I would like to thank all the girls who complimented my first outfit on Instagram it made me feel more confident about it and I hope to improve in the future

Thank You 
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  1. Wow, your blog is very kawaii I love it. I find your lolita outfit very cute. My favourite part of your outfit is the shoes and skirt. Also your very lucky to have a bf who would buy you all that cute stuff from japan (wish someone would do that for me hehehe) xxx

    1. Aaawn thank you! And thank you for commenting on my blog <3