Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sanrio and Ikea hauls ♡

Last saturday when I went to the mall Sanrio was having somewhat of a sale. I didn't want to buy too much because my boyfriend will bring me Sanrio stuff from Japan anyways but I couldn't resist getting a few items. Everyone who follows on Instagram might know that I'm a huge fan of the Little Twin Stars so I got a charm of Kiki and Lala to hang on my Nintendo DS. My boyfriend got me a Chi Chai Monchan keychain and I also picked a Shinkansen pencil sharpener. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

 Chi Chai Monchan keychain

Shinkansen pencil sharpener

Little Twin Stars charm

I also managed to get some Ikea stuff, even though there is no Ikea either in Brazil or the entire South America, a relative managed to bring Ikea stuff for me from Europe. I originally wanted the cups in pink but since they were sold out I got them in white :( I really, really want the pink ones and I'll try to get them again sometime. The white pot will be used to put flowers and plants. The rose scented candles are my favorite from this haul, I love the smell and the delicate design that really suits my room's decor.

Tomorrow I'll have a big cleaning day and rearrange my new stuff. I'm really pleased by Ikea products, they should open an store in Brazil soon!

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