Sunday, May 25, 2014

Last weekend, Lolita outfit and 3 Bazar J-Fashion ♡

Hello everyone! How are you all doing? I've been extremely busy and tired for the past few days. I started studying for college appliance again and my routine has become very tiring and overwhelming. Also I didn't get any time at all for doing things I like during the week, yep, no TV series, no Instagram and no blogging. Before I get to late behind let's talk about last weekend which had so much fun and enjoyable events. Friday my boyfriend took me to see Disney on Ice, which is pretty much a Disney musical play with ice skating! It was so fun and beautiful and the ice skating skills of the cast really amazed my eyes. I got to take some pictures but the distance, lighting and Iphone 4 combo didn't help :/

The show featured Mickey, Miney, Daisy and Donald Duck traveling to different parts of the world, the savannah, Hawaii and London and the Lion King, Little Mermaid, Lilo and Stitch and Peter Pan stories.

On Saturday we went to an ice cream shop called Frida & Mina for the first time, it's a shop that produces their own ice cream cones, I mean not only the ice cream but the actual cones. If you live in Sao Paulo I highly recommend that you visit this shop, which is in Pinheiros.

I thought their flavor options were very sophisticated and season appropriated since it's fall here in Brazil. My boyfriend got Honey and Ginger gelato and I got Crunchy Macadamia.

Finally on Sunday we headed to the 3 J-Fashion Bazar, an event when our local Lolita community has the chance to trade, sell and buy items. For this occasion I prepared some of my handmade accessories such as rings, bracelets and hair clips. There were so many girls (and a few boys) there but we managed to set a little display. My boyfriend also brought some Little Twin Stars merchandising from Japan so we could re-sell, the brazilian Daiso stores in Brazil do not stock Sanrio merchandising so it was a good opportunity.

Boyfriend taking care of business.
My outfit for the bazar was inspired by girl scouts. I was wearing my off-white beret and a single braid, it was also my first time ever wearing circle lenses. I forgot to take a picture of myself wearing the outfit but here's what I wore:

Blouse: Bodyline
Skirt: Bodyline
Shoes: Bodyline
Bag: Angelic Pretty
Watch: Swimmer
Accessories: handmade and Paris Kids

I made some cookie rings to go with my girl scout theme. I ended up really liking the outfit but I still wanna try it again with different accessories and a brown beret.
The Bazar was really fun and I got to meet many lovely girls. I sold some stuff I made as well as a Liz Lisa dress but didn't buy anything and still ended up with a skirt and a headband! The skirt I traded for some make-up items and the headband I won from one of the many giveaways! Funny thing that the headband was also from the girl who traded the skirt with me:

The skirt is white with pink flowers and has a lace detail and waist ties, it's to short for Lolita but I think will go well with my Liz Lisa tops, the headband is really cute and I felt really lucky to win it.
I'd like to thank all the girls who bought my products again, I still have many in stock so don't hesitate to contact me on Facebook if you still want some of them :)

This weekend wasn't nearly as fun as last weekend it was basically just studying and being stuck on traffic but I hope next weekend will have a lot more fun things to post about ♡

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  1. Oooh the coord looks so nice! I love the colour combination ^^