Saturday, May 31, 2014

Tokyo Disney Sakura tea, new mugs and Studio Ghibli merchandising ♡

Hello everyone! I tried my Tokyo Disney tea set a couple days ago and thought I should post about it. This tea set was the souvernir my boyfriend picked for me when he went to Tokyo Disney Sea:

The set comes with a little pot with green tea inside, a spoon and a box with sakura green tea, all the contents are very detailed and high quality.

The artwork is super detailed and pretty.
The green tea comes inside the tin.
The sakura tea comes in the box.
The spoon is also Minnie and cherry blossom themed.

It was very thoughtful of my boyfriend to choose this item since I'm a big tea enthusiast. So I decided to try the sakura tea, I didn't expect it to come in little bags and I thought the spoon that comes with the set was sort of a measuring spoon but nope:

Unfortunately the tea tasted pretty much like plain green tea and I couldn't taste any sakura at all, but since I'm not sure what sakura tea tastes like I can't give a solid opinion.

I also liked the extra lid the tin has to better preserve the tea.

From the Ghibli Museum I got the cutest stuff ever, Kiki's Delivery Service is my favorite movie of Ghibli's so I was sure expecting some Jiji ♡

Cutest thing ever ♡

Little tin I'm using to store tea.

Inside the little tin I put the tea my boyfriend brought from Japan, just random teabags he collected while there.

And finally the Totoro mug and some other mugs from Japan ( I forgot to add a Daiso one so I'll edit the post later with it's picture) :

The cherry mug from Swimmer I chose from their website it was love at the first sight and my boyfriend also bought me the saucer which I wasn't expecting but really loved.

The My Melody one is from Kiddyland and came with a nice box I'm using to store letter sets ♡

That's it! You can also check the other items from my tea and mug collections here. Please comment telling me your favorite tea flavors and infusions.

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