Sunday, June 29, 2014

New computer and little things ♡

Hi everyone! I'm so glad to be back. I'm sorry for my absence but about two weeks ago I got home to find out my computer was not in my room. I called my father asking about it and he said he took my computer and would buy me a new one. It was a good thing because I had a big PC desktop computer which took a lot of space and I didn't like the way it looked so I asked for a laptop, we were in a budget so I knew I wouldn't be getting a MacBook or a pink Vaio but I'm great hunting good deals and I found a laptop of my taste.

It's a Samsung ATIV book 2 14' I got it for a great price online I'm not gonna lie that the main criteria I used while shopping for a new computer was beauty, I didn't want something black and manly looking but even though I love pink I wanted something more mature so I chose a white laptop. I really like the design of this Samsung one and I'm so happy that now I don't have all the black wires from my old PC on the bottom of my desk.

This laptop comes with Windows 8 which I never used before, after some use I decided that I do like some of the features such as the pre-installed anti-virus and Photoshop and the high possibility of personalization. But I do understand why some people didn't like and didn't get used to Windows 8.

The personalization tools allow you to change the interface colors which I made all pink, the Windows 8 design remind me a lot of iOS7, very minimal which I also approve.
So far I really like the computer and I think it was a good choice.
I also have some stickers I might put on it:

Won't be putting them all. So far I think I'm gonna stick with My Melody :3

I also received two packages I ordered online, one was a very simple black bow I bought to match my Sugary Carnival bag:

The other package consisted of a set of Rilakkuma cups, it was such a pain to get those cups here, first time the seller sent they got lost, second time it took almost 3 months to arrive and when they did I got taxed in almost 100% of the original price by customs. Those cups ended up being way too expensive, I was originally going to keep the pink and the yellow ones for me and sell the blue and the brown but now I'll have to sell the yellow one too. If you are in Brazil and are interested on buying let me know they're R$25,00 each plus shipping (unless you live in São Paulo capital then we can work something out) I won't make any profit by selling them I just want to recover the money I had to pay on taxes.

Brown, yellow and blue ones available.
They are super cute and big, I've been taking mine to class everyday. Hope I'll be able to post frequently again. See you guys pretty soon :3

Thank You 
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  1. Your laptop is very cute, I really like when they are in white gives them a special touch, mine just broke and was also looking for a good deal! I found a asus and although I had wanted color can not complain about is silver and has many functions like touch! Glad you have your new computer, i miss your post !.

    The glass of korrilakuma <3 is beautiful! Kisses! (◕‿-) ☆.•*´¨`*••♥

    1. Thank You for leaving a comment <3 :) ^o^ I think silver is a pretty cute color for a laptop too it reminds me a lot of MacBook, Thank you again for stoping by my blog *u*