Monday, July 28, 2014

10 Things I love in Lolita ♡

Hello there! Continuing with the 30 day Lolita challenge today I'll talk about the 10 Things I love in Lolita:
  1. Details: I love how detailed Lolita fashion can be and the attention that brands pay on the smallest details be them on the print or the themed laces and buttons. I love the richness of detail and thought lolitas put on their outfits too.
  2. Non-obvious cuteness: another thing I love in Lolita (at least in the sub-styles I like) is it's cuteness. I can be cute and different at the same time therefore I feel the clothes suit my personality which doesn't happen when I try to wear ordinary cute clothes.
  3. For me Lolita is also a feminist statement: I see Lolita as a very feminist fashion because although it's very girly it doesn't meet any mainstream standards. I think lolitas really don't care about what other people think about their style, they don't care what guys think of their style, they just care about they think themselves. Lolitas are not concerned about being what men or society expect them to be or look like, that's probably the thing I love the most about Lolita, the empowerment of being whatever you wanna be.
  4. Meeting people with same tastes as me: even before I took any interest on Lolita fashion I already liked things many lolitas do: tea, desserts, kawaii Japanese characters, cute games for Nintendo DS, taking cute pictures, etc. But until I got into Lolita I'd never met any girls (outside the Internet) who liked same stuff as me. When I went to the Lolita contest last month I had the opportunity to talk with some lolitas and me and my boyfriend both found really funny how many things the other lolitas and I had in common, something we never seen before. Here in Brazil most girls have totally different tastes than me, they like going to the gym, tanning, going to nightclubs, being super sexy and although I'm okay befriending girls like that I really missed having friends who embrace the kawaii lifestyle.
  5. Feeling girly for once: it might be shocking to you but I'm not actually girly. I'm always on black skinny jeans, Vans, combat boots, etc. My everyday style is rather dark. Sometimes when I'm going out with my boyfriend I might put a dress or a skirt on, but always in black, navy or other dark colors, with only a few (if any) accessories. When I dress like that I don't feel ''less myself '' than wearing Lolita. When I dress like that it reflects the personality I have with strangers and the way I feel comfortable walking on the street. I'm very reserved, I don't have many friends, when I dress like that I feel protected in some way. When I get to wear Lolita though I feel like freeing my girly side and it feels good to do so once in a while.
  6. Angelic Pretty and Baby, The Stars Shine Bright: if I'd never seen Usakumya-chan or prints like Honey Cake and Toy March I don't think I would be a lolita today. The enchantment I had (and still have) for AP's and Baby's clothes are the reason I got into Lolita.
  7. Connecting more with Japanese culture: like I said on my last 30 day challenge post I used to be more into Korean things before Lolita. I'm quite a big fan of k-pop and korean food, I know much more about Korean culture than Japanese culture. I already liked anime, japanese food, Sanrio, Rilakkuma and Studio Ghibli before Lolita got into my life but I had an almost inexistent knowledge of Japanese fashion. I had only a vague idea of what Lolita and Gyaru were but after Lolita I got to know Japanese brands, other fashion styles and learn more about japanese people in general.
  8. Having fun: Lolita is a very fun fashion. I get to wear a wig, put on a dolly make-up and feel special.
  9. The feeling of holding a dream item: I haven't gotten any of my dream dresses yet but I guess the feeling is not too different from the one I had holding my first Angelic Pretty dress, I'm looking forward to have more of those moments soon ^^
  10. Food themes: and the last thing I'm gonna mention is my favorite theme for Lolita outfits and prints which is food. I love strawberry, cherry, desserts, biscuit and chocolate themes in Lolita those are for sure my favorites ♡
And that's it guys hope you enjoyed my list and please feel free to leave a comment telling me what's the thing you love the most about Lolita!
Thank You so much for reading and have a great week ♡


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