Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Daiso finds ♡

Helloooo everyone! How are you all doing this week? I'm on mini vacations but I still have to study a lot and my city is really cold right now! 15 Celcius degrees, if you are from the Northern Hemisphere you probably find that funny but to me that's freezing :o
Yesterday my boyfriend took a day-off to run some errands, I had to go get some documentation so he drove me there and then since we were near by a Daiso we stopped by there too.
The Daiso we went is the smallest Daiso we have here in my city but I found a good amount of things I've been needing and an even bigger amount of things I didn't but wanted to buy anyway hahaha.
Here's what I found:

First things I need for studying: Fruit Scented markers (orange, strawberry, banana and pineapple). I use markers to highlight things on my textbooks all the time and I want to save the ones my boyfriend brought from Japan since they are hard to find elsewhere, from now on I'll be using those Daiso ones. The really plain brown notebook is also for studying, whenever I buy a cute notebook I don't have the heart to use it for solving math problems and stuff like that so I got a plain one I might decorate but the reason was not feeling sorry to use it hahaha. Pastel sticky notes and kraft paper sticky notes. I love kraft paper, I frequently use kraft paper envelopes and decorate them and it looks really cool.

Also going for a more crafty side I also got a few things as if I didn't have enough already --':

The floral book is a sticky note book, although I do not like this shade of blue and I usually don't like red I really loved the sticky notes inside the book, specially the "to do list" and the "don't forget" ones:

The lace paper is also something I use a lot when crafting pretty things I only have solid white ones so I really liked the Paris theme and pink color:

Lace paper or doily paper looks speacially good with... kraft paper! I hope to make a lot of pretty packages for my penpals using those.
I'm also gradually growing my washi tape collection, I avoid to buy too many before I have a proper storage for them but I could resist this one that shows different Japanese regions like Okinawa, Hokkaido and Tokyo:

(Worst collage ever, excuse me, I didn't want to open yet :/)
And that's it for stationery, from the beauty section I got a set with two boxes of cotton pads, I had ran out of them and was really in need of some, I do recommend Daiso cotton pads although I prefer the ones that come in a plastic bag also from Daiso. I got some fake lashes as well:

The lashes are full of very sparkling glitter but the picture fails to show that :/. I love fake eyelashes but I can't succeed on applying them on myself and by myself no matter what so I always depend on someone to help, I tried asking my boyfriend to attempt putting them on me the other day and although he did it poorly he was still better than me, I wish I had, like, a personal eyelash applier person.

And the last things I picked were "kitchen stuff" which I love but I try to contain myself when buying it because I do not have a kitchen of my own yet. Having a kitchen is probably the thing that motivates me the most to study and be able to afford an apartment. I can't wait to have my own kitchen full of pink and kawaii utensils.
I got a set that came with 4 fabric coasters with different floral patterns but I shared them with my boyfriends mom and kept only two of them for the very reason that I really don't have where to store the kitchen stuff I love buying, I really need to watch myself. Someday I'll do a post about it and show how I organize my trays, mugs, desserts plates, lunch boxes, etc.

I also got a lunch box bag, that's something I was really, really needing because I take my lunch to school everyday and I don't like my backpack smelling like food. I wanted a lunch bag just like this one but in pink, I do love navy blue but since my lunch boxes are mostly pink I wanted them to match the bag. It's okay though I love the bag and I think it looks very Cath Kidston-like:

The inside of the bag is appropriate to carry your food.
And I saved my favorite thing I found at Daiso for last, which is this lovely pastel pink striped tray which is so my style and that's pretty much the kind of thing I'm always looking for, I'm really in love with this tray:

It has so many elements I love: pastel pink which is my favorite color and also stripes which I really like as you can see on my blog's backgorund, a ribbon and the combo of pink and brown like my Lolita wardrobe.
After our Daiso trip me, my boyfriend and his mom went to a Chinese restaurant ♡

Broccoli and rice are some of my very favorite foods and I love Asian food in general you can expect to see a lot of Asian food on my blog. I'm planning to go to a Korean festival soon :3
I'm really happy with my purchases, I also got a few Lolita accessories on eBay that hopefully will arrive by the end of the month! I'll post again as soon as I have nice things to talk about ♡

Thank You 
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  1. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one that hoards sticky notes and notepads.. it's a guilty pleasure to buy kawaii things and then not use them much. I wish we had Daiso in Panama I would be there every weekend! ;)

    1. I love hoarding stickers and other paper goods too. Hopefully I'll get a filofax to get them in use next year haha xoxo