Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Weekend: lots of Japanese things ♡

Hi everyone! How are guys doing? Last friday we didn't have class because Brazil was playing against Colombia and next weekend I'm going to Brasilia to watch the second last game of the World Cup. But who cares about sports anyway? Let's talk about fun things of the weekend. Friday I spent the whole day at a pub with my boyfriend and his friends because of World Cup reasons but Saturday we got the chance to hit the Asian district of our city, my boyfriend got me super yummy and cute snacks. Strawberry chocolate covered mochi, a huge box of Hello Panda strawberry cookies, a weird DIY Korean cookie and a couple Japanese lollies. Oh and we also got this which is my absolute favorite thing ever which is Kalassi rice cracker, my boyfriend discovered this during our trip in the South of Brazil last January and since then I've been addicted to those crackers, apparently they're from Thailand and although you can find three different flavors here the cheese one is by far the best (I've tried them all). Those rice crackers make to the top 10 of my favorite foods ever so do try it, I bet you'll like it too ^^

I haven't tried the DIY cookies yet, I thought they were regular cookies but when I opened the box I was to lazy to actually make them.

The candy tube tasted like yogurt + soda.

Before heading back home we stopped by Tea Station, probably the only Bubble Tea place in Brazil, I mean you can find Bubble Tea at some other places here (although it's pretty rare) but Tea Station is the only place that sells mostly boba. They've been on shortage of my favorite flavor since forever so we got Taro Milk flavor.

Tea Station art.
They aways seal the cup with some weird-kawaii picture such as cheerleader elephants.
I also saw those cute mugs at the Azukya store. I didn't want to buy them anyway because I already have too many mugs but I thought I should leave the tip in case you live in my city.

On Sunday we went to the 17th Festival do Japão (Japan's Fest, yep). It was pretty much a huge event of Japanese everything. I was originally going to wear Lolita that day but I just woke up not feeling like it and I'm glad I didn't wear Lolita for the festival after all. The place was crowded with pretty much all kinds of people, a lot of Japanese-brazilians, cosplayers, families, etc. I saw about a dozen lolitas there but from what I've seen on Facebook about every lolita I know went to the festival, the place was so huge and so crowded hence I didn't meet them there.

It was a beautiful day but too warm for wearing Lolita plus we had to walk so much.
Truth to say I was there for the food, the food you buy and the food you get for free (lots of Plum Dew and miso soup samples). We have the second largest Japanese community in the world here in my city (being the first one Japan itself, naturally) that means there is a Japanese restaurant in every corner of Sao Paulo. But for some reason a few dishes are very rare to find at the restaurant's menus. So we had to wait an entire hour, and I'm not even joking, on the okonomiyaki line. It was delicious but I don't understand if okonomiyaki has such popularity why the Japanese restaurants here don't simply add this dish to their menus. The lines to get a temaki or a yakisoba were nothing compared to the okonomiyaki's one. We also had curry and honey popcorn (aka Tokyo Disney popcorn which tasted terrible), mitarashi dango (which was delicious), choux cream, etc. It was a very tiring day but really fun too I wish I had found the matcha ice cream booth though, hopefully next time :/

The okonomiyaki was made with bacon strips instead of octopus or squid which I thought pretty odd but still tasted awesome. They must start serving this at Japanese restaurants around here.
The takoyaki tent had this cute advertisement with super kawaii art:

Daiso also set their little stand at the festival and I got a few cute things I've been waiting to get but they would never arrive here in Brazil.

Whenever I go to Daiso I get a pack of their cute tissues, I need tissues all the time and always have them in my bag. I was running out of them because it had been such a long since I last went to Daiso. I'm glad to be stocked up now. Everyone needs tissues and if they are cute even better.

I've been eyeing this fluffly purse for months! I saw many girls posting it's pictures on Instagram and I was hoping our Daiso would bring it to Brazil because my Instax fits just about right in it! Plus the plush is so soft and I'm in love with it, I wish I could buy it in every single color.

I was really needing a calculator, my boyfriend didn't find the Swimmer one I wanted in Japan and the Sanrio ones were crazy expensive. I was such a dilema to choose between the piano one and a popsicle shaped one and I ended up getting the piano one because I think it looks like it's from Swimmer haha :)

That's it guys, we finished the weekend by watching The Walking Dead I hope to post again pretty soon ^^

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  1. The strawberry mochi, panda strawberry cookies and the DIY cookie kit all look yummy and I wish they sold them in my country. I love the seal on the cup,its soo kawaii!!! I also love your fluffy purse and stationary (◕‿◕✿) xxx

    1. Hello there! Thank you for leaving a comment. I believe Hello Panda is pretty easy to find hopefully you'll come across it sometime, Have a nice weekends \^o^

  2. I've been following you on instagram (I'm deadxxstars) I just added your link to my favorite blog list. Your so lucky to have Daiso in Brazil! I wish we had one here in Panama I would really go crazy I get lucky every once in awhile and find kawaii items here but most of my stuff I order from Amazon or Modes4u.com from Hong Kong.


    1. Hello!! I've been to Panama once! But I was on my way to Dominican Republic so I didn't get a chance to see much from your country :/ Hopefully I go back someday! I think Mexico and Brazil are the only countries in Latin America that have Daiso already, but I believe they will expand to other countries in Latin America soon! I never heard of modes4u.com but I'm definitely checking that out! Thank You for following and commenting ^o^

  3. Let me know what you thought of Modes4u I hope to be ordering from them again soon. That's to bad Panama is really beautiful and it's grown a lot we have a really good economy and now even have a Metro. We have 2 Sanrio stores here but sometimes it's better to buy Sanrio items elsewhere because since it's imported it's really expensive. Your welcome it's nice to meet other Latinos who are into Kawaii as much as me. =)