Monday, July 21, 2014

Weekend stuff: The Fault in Our Stars and food ♡

Hello everyone! Thursday my boyfriend and I attempted to go see an exhibition (Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum one) but the tickets were already sold out so we went to watch The Fault in Our Stars at the movie theater instead.
I'm a big fan of John Green, I watch his videos on YouTube and I've read two of his books (will grayson; will grayson which I loved and Paper Towns which I haven't liked that much) but no, I never red TFIOS, not because I didn't want too, but because I kept postponing buying the book, I don't read English books translated into Portuguese because the translation annoys me and the English version is not as cheap and easy to find as the translated one.Of course if the original book is written in German or French, for example, I don't mind the translation since I don't speak those languages.
About the movie: same thing you are hearing from everyone else, that is really sad and I cried a lot, etc but I really enjoyed the movie despite it's sadness, we also got to know another ice cream shop that day which was actually a Crepe & Waffles store with an Ice Cream shop attached to it, from what I've heard this is a Colombian brand that just opened a few stores around here.

Blackberry and Cream with Brownie pieces.
I wore my Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream House Bear Bag with the most casual outfit ever that day and I think it worked out pretty well (glitter ballerina flats not in the picture plus black beret and red lipstick):

On Saturday we went to a vegetarian place for lunch, it was called Horta Cafe & Bistrot (and it's around Pinheiros in case you are from here) I only have compliments to make about their food and service.

Our choices were very typical brazilian dishes (feijoada and moqueca if you know what I mean) that usually have meat and fish, but in very creative vegetarian versions. Instead of using fish for example, they used mushrooms.
If you live around here and enjoy vegetarian food I strongly recommend this place also because it's so inexpensive and the dessert is included:

Pavê (cold chocolate pie).
Later on Saturday we went to Inside Grill & Salad with my boyfriends family, it was really fun. The place is a very American and Mexican influenced Steak House. They have really yummy raspeberry Iced Tea refill but sadly the waitress said they had ran out of tea that day. My boyfriend and his family ordered ribs and since I don't eat that I ordered a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel.

Had to remove all the onions >.<
Just would like to point out that I am not a vegetarian I'm just extremely picky when it comes to meat and all animal related food. I do eat meat once in a while when I feel like it but my daily diet consists mostly on carbs, veggies, etc. I do feel sorry about the animals but I try not to look for videos and stuff like that because I tend to get obsessed about things. The actual reason I avoid meat today is simply because I find it a little bit yucky and I think it's bad for my health. I hope someday I can be a vegetarian and talk my loved ones into it too.
On the Saturday afternoon we briefly went to our local Asian district too, a Tanabata Matsuri was happening there and we had the chance to try ginger ice cream, I also brought a daifuku home:

Daifuku is usually a mochi with azuki bean paste and a whole strawberry inside but this one was mochi with the whole strawberry, whipped cream and cake instead you can buy it at Kaisen store at Galvão Bueno (although most readers of this blog are from the U.S, the second most are from Brazil so I feel the need to give the information in case they want :p)
The highlight of the day was that my boyfriend got a haircut!! He hadn't had one in about a year and his hair was so long that he was wearing it in a ponytail most of the time, we went to a hair salon and I shameless showed a picture of Lee Minho to the hair stylist and ta-dah! He looks so different after the haircut that I'm still taking my time getting used to his new appearance because even though his looks improved I kinda miss his old self. I'll see if I can get a good picture of him next weekend hahaha (evil girlfriend laugh).
On Sunday we stayed home being lazy and watching the 4th season of The Walking Dead, I cooked salmon with mushrooms for dinner and we watched Divergent online, I was quite surprised to see that the main character of Divergent is played by the same actress that plays Hazel on TFIOS but when I saw that the Divergent girl's brother was the same actor that plays Augustus then I was really shocked... such a coincidence we watched both movies in the same weekend! I didn't like this movie that much and I don't intend to read the book series, some people compare it to the Hunger Games but to me the second is much superior. I might watch the upcoming "Divergent" movies though.
That's it for today, have a great week everyone ♡

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  1. Everytime I read your blog I notice more similarities between us xD
    I also dislike reading translated books that were originally written in english. I am reading this cheesy vampire series and "white trash" was translated LITERALLY. It's already a bad book, to top it off the translation is awful... I'm betaling reading the new JK Rowlings books and such. I also want some poetry books in english and spanish, but they're so hard to find! Translated poetry isn't an option.
    I am also extremely picky about meat. I basically enjoy only chicken, very specific red meat plates, and very rarely, fish or pork (mostly in Asian dishes).
    Onions are evil minions from hell that ruin our food! haha
    My boyfriend also had a haircut this weekend. I didn't get used to it yet, but I think he looks nice...
    About Divergent and The Hunger Games, I only watched the movies, but The Hunger Games was a lot more emotional for me. The story seemed to have a better background, I guess.
    It's always a pleasure to stop by~

    1. I'm so glad to hear that we have so many things in common hahaha <3 I red Casual Vacancy, one of JK Rowlings new books in English, I'm not sure if you intend to read it but it's a veryyyyy tiring plot, it took me forever to finish :/ I'm not sure about her other new book though but I'd give it a chance even though I didn't like Casual Vacancy that much. Here in Sao Paulo at Livraria Cultura they have the BEST foreign book selection ever. I know plenty big book stores here and none of them beats Cultura at that department. Once I went there looking for The Perks of Being a Wallflower and they had both the American and British versions! If you come to Sao Paulo sometime maybe you can find some poetry books there ^^
      I only like specific meat plates too, I can't eat anything with bones hahaha I feel like a cannibal o_o
      Who even likes raw onions right? Plus the breath, omg the breath hahaha
      It was so hard to convince my boyfriend to get this haircut hahaha it took me weeks, boys -.-'
      The Hunger Games book series is really great, at least I enjoyed a lot I wish we lived in the same city so you could borrow my HG collection ^o^
      Thank You for leaving a comment on my blog <3

  2. I just love reading your blog. I felt the same when I found out Hazel is Tris from Divergent and Augustus was her brother I was like WOW. Sadly I haven't seen TFIOS yet but I really want to. I have read Paper Towns as well and for me it's my favourite John Green book. I also like the food you have talked about in this post, it looks delicious and I wish I could try some (◕‿◕✿) xxx

    1. The best part of Paper Towns is the road trip it's so funny I can't wait to read Looking for Alaska too! The TFIOS movie is really cute I think you will like it! Thank You so much for reading my post and leaving a comment <3

  3. I love Crepes and Waffles we have had that ice cream shop here in Panama for many years so much that I had no idea that it was actually a Colombian brand. That's quite interesting to know I highly recommend the ice cream crepes!