Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Cute Asian things and letter from my new penpal ♡

Hello everyone! Last Saturday I spent the whole afternoon at my city's Asian neighborhood, I got to eat some curry rice and explore all the stores, I go there quite often but this time I really spent several hours shopping for some Korean kimbap ingredients to make on Sunday and also found a lot of cute stuff.

My first stop was at Fancy Goods, a store that sells all kinds of cute, they have a lot of stationery from Japan and Korea there, needless to say their stuff is expensive so I only bought a notebook that I really really liked and wasn't one of the expensive ones.

I love things that look shabbychic, kitsch, whatever you call, this one is really unique and different from the same old Rilakkuma/Daiso/etc stationery that I have.
Speaking of Daiso I also went there and it was the most unsuccessful trip I ever took to Daiso I can recall, I only grabbed a few items.

I got another pack of tissues, I always need to keep stocking them specially during winter (which is very dry in Brazil, and yep, it's winter over here right now). I also got a strawberry bento bag and a plush bottle cover that is probably the most useless thing ever but it's so cute and soft :/

Actually, now that I got the bag, the only thing I don't have yet from this series is the chopstick set, besides that I think I collected them all already ♡

I ended up getting more treats this time, although I intend to start a diet pretty soon. A year ago when I first met my boyfriend I was weighting 56,5 kilo and now I'm 60,5 kilo!! Yep, apparently boyfriend made me chubby, we're starting a diet pretty soon --'

Peach flavored water, lychee Mogu Mogu and raspeberry Korean juice (the label says Bok Bun Ja I guess). I haven't tried those yet except Mogu Mogu, which I buy whenever I get the chance, lychee is the best flavor I think and apple takes the 2nd place, I don't like the other flavors. I really recommend you trying lychee Mogu Mogu if you like trying different things. As long as I know this juice is from Thailand and it's extremely popular in Asia, everytime I post a picture of this juice on Instagram many girls comment saying that they love it.

Pepero, also known as "The Korean Pocky". Since I buy this product a lot I can always tell when it's on a good price, this thing is extremely inflation sensitive, the price usually ranges from 2,50 to 5,00 brazilian reais (at the same stores). This weekend I found it on it's cheapest, too bad they didn't have the strawberry flavor, which is my favorite, but the cookies and cream one is also great, I also like the melon flavor, although this one is very rare around here. It tastes just like Pocky and it costs a lot less.

Another thing I love and it's hard to find in Brazil nowadays is Chupa Chups, is not the kind of thing you can find at any candy shop, even if you find it there aren't many options: strawberry, cherry, orange, milky strawberry and that's about it. When I went to Uruguay in January I made sure to bring back some home but the flavors my boyfriend found in Japan were the best ever. Mango Hi-Chew is so yummy I regret not buying an extra pack.

This milky strawberry Korean candy was about 50% off so I brought a pack but I didn't like it that much, it's kind of soft but not gummy neither taffy, it's just weird.

Again caught by a beautifully designed package!! This is so cute and detailed... I'm not sure what it tastes like and haven't opened yet.

It's supposed to emulate embroidery... The japanese are so creative. And last thing is this really cute ice cream shaped candy.

Cuteness everywhere ~^o^~ I can't even picture myself in Japan or Korea...I'd probably go crazy and want to buy everything there.
Speaking of Asia I got the first letter from my Hong Kong penpal Tiffany! She sent me sooo much I didn't even get to take a picture of it all! She even sent me Berry & Açaí Pocky which is clearly inspired in Brazil, so nice of her.

*Feeling spoiled*. I posted her reply today, hope it arrives soon! Also I got the chance to go to that exhibition I've been wanting to go thanks to my boyfriend who is so awesome, we went last Thursday but since this post is already too long I'll talk about it on my next "Weekend" post. See you guys soon ♡.

Thank You for reading ♡


  1. Nossa, onde você mora? hahaha adorei as coisas que você comprou ;_;