Thursday, September 18, 2014

10 Things I hate in Lolita ♡

Continuing with the 30 Day Lolita Challenge. I don't know if I'll be able to come up with ten things I don't like in Lolita but here we go:
  1. It's not comfortable to wear: on warm days wearing a blouse and a wig make me too hot, on cold days wearing a skirt is not the best option, too many layers and elastic bands around my waist are not something I enjoy and getting headaches because of wigs is not that great either.
  2. It's way too expensive: no need to explain, even if you only wear handmade it won't be cheap, if you have a soft spot for brand like I do, well, that's gonna take some serious money saving and then some serious money spending.
  3. Not being able to get a certain print even if you can pay: in Lolita you don't buy what you want, you buy what you get the opportunity to buy and that's very frustrating, if you want something expensive, like an Iphone for example, you just need to save money up, go to the store and get the Iphone, in Lolita it doesn't work like that, you buy something if you have the money and the chance to buy it.
  4. Importing from overseas: if you live in Brazil that's the worst it gets when it comes to buying from overseas: packages get lost all the time, if they don't, they usually take 2 months or more to arrive and if they do there's a great great chance you'll have to pay 60% of taxes + R$12,00 over the total price of your package (including shipping expenses) tell me if that's not the worst you can get... as if Lolita wasn't expensive enough without all that.
  5. Buying from local sellers: there are not many options and if there are it's very likely they'll be overpriced.
  6. When there's just one thing missing for the perfect outfit and you don't have it: it happens all the time, you put a great outfit together but then you don't have the right shoes or the right bag or the right head piece and the list goes on...
  7. Girls that think they are better than others when they're actually not: I just started noticing that some local lolitas have a pretty arrogant attitude towards newbie lolitas. It happened to me the other day, we were hanging out with a few lolitas and this girl was bragging about how much she paid for her brand handbag. My boyfriend casually commented I wanted the same bag and she was like "Do you know how much it costs??" (meaning it was very expensive, and yes, I knew precisely how much it costs) I was seriously shocked...I hate that kind of attitude and I think it usually comes from girls who don't even have that much because girls who do have a great wardrobe, for example, or wear awesome outfits usually don't feel the need to show off.
  8. This print and dress called Magic Whip Cupcake: here. I'm sorry if you have it, I don't mean to offend anyone. But I think it's the ugliest brand print ever mainly because of the hot pink + lime combo.
  9. When a small detail ruins the print: for example, I love Musee du Chocolat, I really wish I had the JSK with the belt with tassels. But I hate the Musee du Chocolat bear! The whole print is beautiful and so detailed except for this little bear with the World's largest forehead!
  10. When your outfit starts to fall apart: you put on your Lolita clothes and make-up and a few hours later you petticoat's poof is dead, your make-up looks like sh*t, your wig keeps falling back making you look like Yolandi, your white socks get dirty or even worse: your tights start to rip. It happens and it happens often :(
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Weekend and casual outfits ♡

Hello everyone! That's a super late post so I'll try to be quick about it! Last Friday, September 12th it was my 1 year dating anniversary so me and my boyfriend went to a Thai restaurant and ice cream place after.
I wore my new Forever 21 dress for the occasion, please excuse my legs, they are all bruised and stuff --'. I totally regret applying black eyeshadow when doing my make-up that day, I should stick with cat-eye eyeliner forever, I ended up looking like Beetle Juice.

The Thai restaurant we went was called Tian, we had duck curry and cashew nut rice. The food was good but honestly I prefer the cheap Thai restaurants I used to go back in the U.S. Since there are only a few thai places here there's a whole hype around them which is always an excuse to make food expensive.
The place was all by candle lights so no good pictures to show. After that we went to a ice cream shop called Vienna (if I remember). I wonder if there's anywhere in Italy called Vienna, the whole place was italianized and they told us even their waffle cones came from Italy so why the shop is named after the capital of Austria?

The gelato flavor we chose reminded me of Kinder Bueno chocolate, it was pretty good but I can think of at least five ice cream places that are better than this one. For example, on Sunday we went to Bacio di Latte where you get what you pay for, a high quality gelato:

Pistachio and fresh fig gelato. This place is always a safe option. Another place I came back after having a great and healthy meal was Horta Cafe, we had lunch there on Saturday.

I've been trying to eat healthier lately, since I started dating my current boyfriend I got 5 kilos --'. I chose a light and vegetarian version of a brazilian traditional dish and my boyfriend ordered salmon with sesame seeds and risotto.
On Monday we got free tickets to watch the premiere of The Beauty and The Beast new movie. It was at one of our city's best theaters which I'd never been before but I didn't like the movie --' I'm not that easy to please. I've watched a few other movies that were just released these days and I found them very amusing I can post about them if you guys like!
This is what I wore to the movie premiere:

That's it guys! Sorry for the plain post I've been quite busy lately since my big test is just around the corner I have to study a lot. I finally got some new Lolita clothes I'm not sure when they will arrive here but hopefully I'll have nice things to post about pretty soon.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

Monday, September 8, 2014

What I've been up to plus recent purchases ♡

Hello everyone! Long time no see, in case you've been wondering what happened to me here it is: my iPhone decided to stop working for nine painful days, it wouldn't work at all, the screen just went black, so I couldn't take any pictures or use the Instagram. I have plenty to talk about now so if you are up to read this post I suggest you to make yourself comfortable because it's going to be a long one. I'll start with the places I went to and then talk about a Lolita outfit I wore to a meeting last week and then show some of my most recent finds! Some of the places I went I have no pictures of at all so I won't talk about them this time, some of them I took pictures but using my boyfriend's phone so, sorry, if some of the pictures are low quality.

♡ Food places ♡

♡ Goshala ♡ Indian/Vegetarian at Pinheiros. It's not a vegan restaurant but there are plenty of vegetarian options and I don't recall seeing any beef on their menu. Great place and great food but I didn't like the juices we ordered: Indian limeade (which was blended with avocado, a very weird combination) and passion fruit juice with blueberry (which was extremely sour). I had a pumpkin risotto and my boyfriend had a very exotic plate I can't remember now all things it consisted of. The best part though was the starter: grilled camembert cheese with some fruit-I-couldn't-recognize chutney and toasted unleavened bread with olive oil and herbs.

Perfect grilled camembert cheese with bread and chutney.
Pumpkin risotto.
Wild rice, pupunha, mushrooms, cashew and other things.

♡ Frida & Mina ♡ at Pinheiros for their crunchy macadamia gelato and home made waffle cone. I already talked about this great ice cream place here.

Macadamia gelato and their beautiful terrariums.

♡ Brera ♡ at Jardins. It's a sandwich place, quite pricey but the food is great and the ingredients are the best out there. I ordered artichoke panini, boyfriend got a non-vegetarian one, everything was great the watermelon juice was so sweet, no sugar needed, all natural.

♡ The Gourmet Tea ♡ Perhaps a favorite, artichoke salad, mushroom bruschetta and black raspeberry tea. Apple crumble for dessert.

They also sell all their tea flavors, too bad the place is pricey by all means, the food and tea are great though.

Mushroom bruschetta.
Huge plate of salad with berry dressing.
Loved the glass cup they serve the tea.
The place is all beautifully designed, it's worth a visit of any tea enthusiast. Several vegetarian options on their menu.

♡ Expresso Kazu ♡ at Liberdade, the beautiful cakes and other sweets you see in Japan right here in Brazil! We ended up getting a matcha cake with berries but next time I wanna try the white chocolate mousse on the 3rd picture!

Lime meringues and fruit pound cake slices, so much attention to detail, love the little ribbons.
Some of their many options.
White chocolate mousse with berries.
Matcha cake with red currant, strawberry, blackberry and physalis.

♡ Hang Outs ♡

Thanks to my boyfriend I finally got the chance to visit the Castelo Rá-tim-bum exhibition! If you are not Brazilian, I explain, imagine being able to hang out inside the magical world of one of your favorite childhood TV shows (from the 90's), it was just like that.

Recently I went to another Lolita meeting, it was a beauty themed Sunday afternoon for our comm to share beauty tips and stuff like that, it was pretty fun. You can barely see my outfit in the pictures but I didn't have my phone with me that day :/

All pink. I didn't have a pastel pink Lolita bag though so I took my giant Rilakkuma bag with me, no regrets, I like this outfit, I did the best I could with the few things I have to put together a new outfit and I like the result. Here's a more detailed picture.

Pastel pink cardigan from Emme
Polka dot skirt from Bodyline
Pink shoes from Bodyline
Off-brand frilly socks and tights
Rilakkuma watch from Japan
My Melody pin
Chocomint plush stars
Chocomint ribbon ring
Off-brand beret

And for last things I bought and received recently, starting with the pink cardigan I got from Emme (brazilian brand I'd never bought from before).

I received a new wig I bought online, I was expecting dark blond and some sort of red hair came, I like the wig though, it's pretty soft but I think the hair is way too thin I wish this wig had more volume.

I bought a pair of tights at Topshop, they're off-white/cream and have an over-the-knee floral detail. That store is so expensive though, specially because here in Brazil things cost twice more.

Such a cute bag.

Now brace yourselves because I went to a new Daiso store opening! It was a very successful trip this time!

Got a new bento box, I take my lunch to school everyday since I spend about 10 hours there --' lunch boxes are important. This one looks red but it's kind of hot pink I chose this color to match my floral navy lunch bag.

Got this beautiful floral blue tray, it's so cute I can't wait to have my own kitchen and be all cute and shabby chic about it.

And a floral glass cup. When I have my own house (God knows when --') I hope to buy many of those cups, they're perfect.

Moving to the beauty department I got this pink framed mirror which stands up like a portrait kinda thing and the matching cosmetic box.

Totally different lighting --' but they are the same shade of pink (top picture is more accurate). I'm happy I found some slippers this time! I hate animal print but from the ones they had available this one was the cutest one so I gave it a chance.

Some bow clips you can attach to your shoes, for when, hopefully I introduce some navy to my Lolita wardrobe.

Floral box I got to store my bows/barrettes/ribbons, want another one to store the socks and tights I wear with Lolita too.

Not sure if really necessary (probably not) but I thought this pouch would be handy while traveling, to store documents, passport, flight tickets and stuff like that (I don't travel that often hence why I think now it was an impulse buy '-')

Last some stationery, of course, can't wait to use these to write to my penpals! The mint, black and gold one is way too pretty.

And some dessert themed "Thank You" and "For You" cards good to ornate envelopes.

I also bought some Precure candy and Lipton pyramid tea (which is hard to find here and was on sale) I didn't get those at Daiso though, they don't have food at our Daisos yet.

One last thing before I leave! I'd like to show my Animal Crossing home progress, I'd like to trade some furniture (or sell whatever you prefer) I have spare items from the Mermaid Series and the Sweet Series too! Let me know if you play Animal Crossing and let's exchange friend codes!

That's it! It took me several hours to write this post '-' Hope you guys like it, please leave some feedback I know you are there!

Have a great week you guys, thank you for reading ♡