Thursday, September 18, 2014

10 Things I hate in Lolita ♡

Continuing with the 30 Day Lolita Challenge. I don't know if I'll be able to come up with ten things I don't like in Lolita but here we go:
  1. It's not comfortable to wear: on warm days wearing a blouse and a wig make me too hot, on cold days wearing a skirt is not the best option, too many layers and elastic bands around my waist are not something I enjoy and getting headaches because of wigs is not that great either.
  2. It's way too expensive: no need to explain, even if you only wear handmade it won't be cheap, if you have a soft spot for brand like I do, well, that's gonna take some serious money saving and then some serious money spending.
  3. Not being able to get a certain print even if you can pay: in Lolita you don't buy what you want, you buy what you get the opportunity to buy and that's very frustrating, if you want something expensive, like an Iphone for example, you just need to save money up, go to the store and get the Iphone, in Lolita it doesn't work like that, you buy something if you have the money and the chance to buy it.
  4. Importing from overseas: if you live in Brazil that's the worst it gets when it comes to buying from overseas: packages get lost all the time, if they don't, they usually take 2 months or more to arrive and if they do there's a great great chance you'll have to pay 60% of taxes + R$12,00 over the total price of your package (including shipping expenses) tell me if that's not the worst you can get... as if Lolita wasn't expensive enough without all that.
  5. Buying from local sellers: there are not many options and if there are it's very likely they'll be overpriced.
  6. When there's just one thing missing for the perfect outfit and you don't have it: it happens all the time, you put a great outfit together but then you don't have the right shoes or the right bag or the right head piece and the list goes on...
  7. Girls that think they are better than others when they're actually not: I just started noticing that some local lolitas have a pretty arrogant attitude towards newbie lolitas. It happened to me the other day, we were hanging out with a few lolitas and this girl was bragging about how much she paid for her brand handbag. My boyfriend casually commented I wanted the same bag and she was like "Do you know how much it costs??" (meaning it was very expensive, and yes, I knew precisely how much it costs) I was seriously shocked...I hate that kind of attitude and I think it usually comes from girls who don't even have that much because girls who do have a great wardrobe, for example, or wear awesome outfits usually don't feel the need to show off.
  8. This print and dress called Magic Whip Cupcake: here. I'm sorry if you have it, I don't mean to offend anyone. But I think it's the ugliest brand print ever mainly because of the hot pink + lime combo.
  9. When a small detail ruins the print: for example, I love Musee du Chocolat, I really wish I had the JSK with the belt with tassels. But I hate the Musee du Chocolat bear! The whole print is beautiful and so detailed except for this little bear with the World's largest forehead!
  10. When your outfit starts to fall apart: you put on your Lolita clothes and make-up and a few hours later you petticoat's poof is dead, your make-up looks like sh*t, your wig keeps falling back making you look like Yolandi, your white socks get dirty or even worse: your tights start to rip. It happens and it happens often :(
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