Thursday, September 18, 2014

Weekend and casual outfits ♡

Hello everyone! That's a super late post so I'll try to be quick about it! Last Friday, September 12th it was my 1 year dating anniversary so me and my boyfriend went to a Thai restaurant and ice cream place after.
I wore my new Forever 21 dress for the occasion, please excuse my legs, they are all bruised and stuff --'. I totally regret applying black eyeshadow when doing my make-up that day, I should stick with cat-eye eyeliner forever, I ended up looking like Beetle Juice.

The Thai restaurant we went was called Tian, we had duck curry and cashew nut rice. The food was good but honestly I prefer the cheap Thai restaurants I used to go back in the U.S. Since there are only a few thai places here there's a whole hype around them which is always an excuse to make food expensive.
The place was all by candle lights so no good pictures to show. After that we went to a ice cream shop called Vienna (if I remember). I wonder if there's anywhere in Italy called Vienna, the whole place was italianized and they told us even their waffle cones came from Italy so why the shop is named after the capital of Austria?

The gelato flavor we chose reminded me of Kinder Bueno chocolate, it was pretty good but I can think of at least five ice cream places that are better than this one. For example, on Sunday we went to Bacio di Latte where you get what you pay for, a high quality gelato:

Pistachio and fresh fig gelato. This place is always a safe option. Another place I came back after having a great and healthy meal was Horta Cafe, we had lunch there on Saturday.

I've been trying to eat healthier lately, since I started dating my current boyfriend I got 5 kilos --'. I chose a light and vegetarian version of a brazilian traditional dish and my boyfriend ordered salmon with sesame seeds and risotto.
On Monday we got free tickets to watch the premiere of The Beauty and The Beast new movie. It was at one of our city's best theaters which I'd never been before but I didn't like the movie --' I'm not that easy to please. I've watched a few other movies that were just released these days and I found them very amusing I can post about them if you guys like!
This is what I wore to the movie premiere:

That's it guys! Sorry for the plain post I've been quite busy lately since my big test is just around the corner I have to study a lot. I finally got some new Lolita clothes I'm not sure when they will arrive here but hopefully I'll have nice things to post about pretty soon.

Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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