Monday, October 13, 2014

Birthday present, princess tea time and more ♡

Hello everyone! Last week, on the 8th it was my birthday! I don't like to make too much of a deal when it's my birthday so I just kept it cool and tried to have a normal day. But the people around me wanted to do a little something to make my day more special. In September my boyfriend asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I said a new Lolita dress would be the best present ever. I'm not particularly fond of any of Angelic Pretty new prints so we took a look on Closet Child to see what was available. One of my dream prints was for sale, in pink, which was my preferred color-way, but it was a skirt and I wanted a dress. I didn't like any of the dresses available so I decided for the skirt and a Baby, The Stars Shine Bright bolero. EMS was the only shipping method offered, since we are afraid of our country's abusive taxes we sent the package to my boyfriend's aunt who lives in Japan, he said he would wait and see when his aunt could send it here or if a relative going to Japan could bring the package to us.
On my birthday my boyfriend arrived with a grocery store bag and handed it to me saying it was just a little something he got for my b-day, I thought it was a bath robe because I mentioned I wanted one. But when I ripped the wrapping paper I immediately saw the BTSSB label and started to freak out! I didn't know my new Lolita clothes would arrive that soon, I thought he was still trying to figure out the best way to get my stuff sent from Japan. I'm so happy with his surprise and so in love with my new things ♡

The skirt's print is the lovely Tripe Tart! It was one of my Dream Prints on my updated wish list that I have to post here sometime (it grew bigger). The lace has strawberries and "APs" on it, it's simply adorable:

The bolero is super cute too. It was hard to get a picture of it, it looks better on, but here it is:

Angelic Pretty and Baby's stuff are so detailed and good quality, I don't think I'll ever purchase from Bodyline again (disclaimer: nothing against if you wear Bodyline and not like I intend to get rid of Bodyline stuff I already have):

A few other things I got this weekend were a straw case (I believe that's how it's called), a notebook and more Ice Cream sticky notes (that I'll give to a friend):

I also got the big petit-pois pink plate, I already had the dessert one and the teacup and saucer, now I have the whole set:

Hopefully when I have my own house and kitchen those will still be available, I want to have enough to serve a meal for friends, they're simply perfect for my taste. You can buy them at Tok & Stok (the straw thin can be found there too!).
We hit the Asian town yesterday and got some obligatory candy, ice cream flavored candy, Skinny Pepero and Hi-Chew:

From the mail I got two berets! I bought from a different seller this time and I'm not sure if I like the new berets I got... But here they are:

Although they go well with my newest skirt I think the colors are to bright, the pink one is kind of neon and the red doesn't match perfectly my Cherish My Juicy Cherry JSK as I was hoping, I might have to purchase new ones (crazy perfectionist).
My brother gave me a huge box of chocolates for my b-day, and my boyfriend's mom gave me a bunch of candy, pink pajamas and cute socks and made me a heart shaped chocolate cake with "Happy B-day Audrey'' written in Japanese with pink frosting ♡

A surprise party went down for me on Animal Crossing, with some of my favorite female villagers:

My birthday wish was "I want lots and lots of pink roses and tulips to grow on my city!". If you play animal crossing there are a few items I really need to catalog --' Let me know if you want to exchange friend codes!
Overall my birthday was a pretty cool day, not many things went wrong, my boyfriend also took me to one of my favorite vegetarian restaurants!

Today is probably the last day I have to rest before the upcoming exams! I'm literally terrified and I have to study so much! I'll be going on an even harder study routine starting tomorrow! We didn't have any classes today because of the national "Professors/Teachers Day" so I'm only resting and spoiling myself a bit before the big run for my place in college begins! On the weekend my boyfriend and I stopped by a new gourmet market kinda thing and got a few sweets from a booth we found there. We tried the pistachio meringue which was really good:

And we got a couple of sweets to take home, so I could have a princess tea time today and say goodbye to my life because from now on I'll only see books:

Cheesecake flavored macaron, little cake I don't know what's called (it had a berry topping a cinnamon tasting dough), those were pretty great sweets I'm looking forward to try some more when I get the chance!
That's it guys hope you enjoyed this post! I'm unsure when I'll be able to post again but I promise I won't abandon the blog :)

Thank You for reading ♡

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  1. Parabéns! \o/ Pelo aniversário e pelos presentes fofos :3