Wednesday, November 12, 2014

10 Favorite Foods ♡

Hello everyone, I should probably keep going with the 30 Day Lolita Challenge: the 4th topic is my 10 favorite foods! Wow that's hard to pick because as you guys may have noticed already I'm a foodie! Also I love to cook. Of course there are some food I couldn't survive without like rice, but I'll try and be less generic. By the way, all example pictures on this post were taken by me (trying to keep it original) :

1- ♡ Korean Food
I'm gonna start with K-food because it's my favorite cuisine for sure, that doesn't mean I like all korean dishes, specially because many of them include sea food and "exotic" meats but I like the cuisine as a whole, the seasoning, the smell of korean food, I love how they use sesame oil and I eat my most when I go to a korean restaurant, it's really impressive the ammount of korean food I can eat all at once. My favorite korean food is kimbap, then bibimbap, then probably tok bokki, I also love the korean ''banchan'' (sidedishes), different types of kimchi, etc. Plus, if there's rice I'm all about it.

Korean kimbap made by me.
2- ♡ Gnocchi
In case you don't know what gnocchi is, I'll give a simple explanation: little dough balls usually made from potatoes with some of the various Italian sauces you can find out there, being fresh tomato sauce, my favorite. Grandmother food also applies to this category, my grandma (mother's family one) came from an Italian family so I basically grew up eating Italian food and until today gnocchi is my absolute preference when it comes to it.

3- ♡ Middle Eastern food
The funny thing about being Brazilian is that you are never "just brazilian", your family's ancestors must be from somewhere else! Usually Portugal or Italy (the most common ones) but you could also be a Brazilian with Japanese, German, Lebanese, Dutch, etc heritage. People usually try to guess my heritage and I always get asked if I have Middle Eastern blood because apparently, people think I look somewhat middle eastern. Well, the answer is no :( I have boring Portuguese and Italian blood as most brazilians do. BUT I love Middle East's food and it's ancient culture.

4- ♡ Vegetarian food
Vegetarian food/greens/salad/healthy&organic. I'm not a big fan of meat nor a vegetarian I still enjoy vegetarian food so so much, even better if organic, I also love salads and I eat pretty much all vegetables and greens you can think of. When it comes to meat I'm too picky: chicken, pork, fish, beef...There isn't one kind meat I won't be suspicious about so it's really comfortable and refreshing to go to a vegan and organic buffet from time to time.

5- ♡ Takoiyaki
Ever since I got used to Korean Food I never really liked Japanese Food as much as before again. I mean I still love sushi, kare rice, etc...But if we're talking about priorities I can only think of takoiyaki. Good bless those octopus little cakes.

6- ♡ Sweets
No need to explain, if you follow me on Instagram you know I have a problem. I don't like sweets, I worship them. Chocolate or strawberry cake, fruit tarts, macarons, mochi, parfaits, meringues, cupcakes, sugar cookies etc are only a few of my favorites. I love sugar to the point I have to make different categories on this list for sweets and candy. Someone send me help.

7- ♡ Candy
As I write this I have a half eaten pack of mango Hi-Chew right by my side. I have three different kinds of candy I love the most: gummies (Haribo type), Chupa Chups lollipops and of course: Jelly Belly Beans! I love American and Japanese candy, which is bad because they're usually expensive and hard to find in Brazil. Ironically I don't like the majority of Brazilian candy, just get that stuff away from me and bring me sweet imported stuff!

8- ♡ Ice Cream
Here's one I'm actually famous for among my friends, I'm a enthusiast and I've been to so many different ice cream shops that I don't even know anymore. I usually prefer fruity flavors and I like to try different things. From the popular big chains like Cold Stone to artisan gelato I love ice cream.

9- ♡ Favorite drinks.
My favorite drinks are apple cider and pink lemonade. I also love tea and Arizona Iced Tea, korea aloe juice and others. I don't drink alcohol often, but Cosmopolitan would be my choice if I feel like drinking. I'm not a big fan of sodas, my favorite one is organic guaraná (amazonian berry soda) called Wewi.

10- ♡ Feijoada: Brazil's most popular and well-known dish.
I always complain about Brazil but back in the days when I lived in the U.S I missed Brazilian food so much. Foreign people that live here tend to complain about brazilian food, not because it's bad but because it is very repetitive and often too simple. But if you were born in Brazil you probably love the simplicity of our food. I love feijoada, or most typical dish ever. Of course I only eat the vegetarian version of it but I love the taste of my country's food, it's one of the few things that make me feel an actual brazilian because I don't really identify to the rest of our culture. By the way, our food and specially or beans DO NOT taste Mexican and or rice do not taste like Asian rice (which I personally prefer) Brazilian food is simple but our seasoning is unique and it can't be related to other cuisines that might look similar.

It was nice to make this list. Food is an important thing, food is culture. Food helps bringing people together. I love food ♡ Please comment telling me a food from your country that you love and you think I should try.

Thank You For Reading ♡


  1. * - * ♡ I also love the pink lemonade and especially like arizona tea. I'm from mexico, and as for Mexican food something I love and I definitely think you have to try the enchiladas are especially poblanas ~!

    1. I love quesadillas and Tamarindo Jarritos from Mexico! I'll sure keep the enchiladas on my must try list! Thank You for your comment and visit <3 ^o^