Tuesday, November 4, 2014

4th J-Fashion Bazaar: Swap meeting ♡

Hello guys! It's been a long time since I last posted. Last Sunday our local j-fashion community organized a j-fashion swap meeting kind a thing, we call it a bazaar here, but it's not that different from the swap meetings other comms have. The purpose of the bazaar is to buy, sell and trade any Japanese Fashion not only Lolita. This edition was Halloween themed and since it's almost summer in the southern hemisphere it has been really hot here lately so I didn't wear Lolita. First because I couldn't put a Halloween themed outfit together and mostly because it was way too hot that day, I wore a wig though, because I felt like being a red-head for Halloween, my outfit wasn't anything special...

I took some stuff to sell with me, I sold some but not as much as the previous edition of the bazaar, I ended up buying and trading more this time, honestly it was a lot more fun. Not as many people came, but this time I was a little more familiar with everybody so I felt a lot more comfortable than last time we had the bazaar. Also the girls who organized put some cute Halloween decoration and everyone brought something to eat or drink so it was a real feast. I took a picture of the table in the very beginning when the food wasn't there yet, but seriously that was so much yummy stuff.

I finally bought some stuff from Le Carrousel, a local atelier that makes Lolita clothing, the owner of the shop is a lolita herself. Their stuff is so good quality, they take handmade to a whole another level, I hope to buy more from them soon! I got this dark red bolero which is so so pretty and well made, it looks good with many of my lolita main pieces:

They also make beautiful bonnets, I debated with myself whether or not I should get a bonnet because I always felt funny about them, I even put "wearing a bonnet" on my list of things I didn't intend to do in Lolita because I thought they were too over the top for me, but I changed my mind specially after seeing pictures of lolitas I admire wearing them beautifully:

Bonnet by Le Carrousel.
I couldn't get the right color in the picture but the ribbons do match the rest of the bonnet, I don't know why the color appears like that in the picture but the bonnet is simply beautiful and well made:

I'm so sad the pictures don't do any justice to this bonnet, anyway I'll probably wear it sometime when I get matching items. I also got a bunch of acessories:

Barbie necklace and pink bows, all the bows I'll be showing I got from the same girl, I actually just talked to her because I want to buy more, I just loved this girl's work, her bows are so cute and I want to have them in every color!

My box is now full of different bows, and yes, I still want more since I feel they are very versatile and useful when putting together a coordinate.

I also got a white handmade cutsew and a casual dress (which is not Lolita) but since they're washing right now I'll probably edit this post add their pictures later. A few other things I got recently were this strawberry pot and jewelry box from Daiso:

And my boyfriend searched about everywhere until he found this Hello Kitty biscuit tin box for me so here it is (thank you so much for finding it for me you are the best :3):

Pink and mint are my favorite ♡. Thank your to all of those who organized last Sunday's meeting it was really fun, hope to see you guys again sometime soon ♡

Thank You For Reading ♡ 


  1. Gente, que bonnet mais fofo! Aposto que seus coordinates ficarão fofíssimos com esse bonnet lindo!
    Aliás,amei os lacinhos. Você poderia compartilhar o contato da moça que os faz, por gentileza? São tão fofos e gordinhos e bem construídos *-*
    Adoro seu blog, ele é todo fofo e rosa, parece um algodão doce <3

    1. Olá! Muito obrigada por sua visita e comentário <3
      A moça que faz os lacinhos chama Ariane Fini e tem uma loja que chama Campanella, os laços são muito bem feitos e o preço é muito amigo, super recomendo!
      Obrigada e volte sempre :3