Monday, December 22, 2014

Ribbon Fashion Contest and my Lolita timeline ♡

Hello everyone! Last Sunday I went to Ressaca Friends, the last anime con of the year in my city, to participate in the Ribbon Fashion Contest final, an annual Lolita contest I was selected to be part of in July. We met all the lolitas in the Lolita Tea Party room and then headed together to the auditorium for the contest.

Although there were only ten contestants, several other lolitas came to the see the show. There would be three winners and the prize was a Baby, The Stars Shine Bright brand new dress. By the moment I got there I knew I wouldn't be able to win. I saw the other girls outfits and I felt really plain in comparison. I saved my Sweet Cream House set for the contest but since I'm still building a wardrobe and don't have many accessories and things yet I wasn't able to do my best. But I wore circle lenses and fake eyelashes! Which I usually never do for reasons (can't put them on by myself). I felt really pretty with the eyelashes but I'm still getting used to the lenses...God made my eyes brown for a reason --' I look so weird with green eyes, the color of the circle lenses I was wearing.

Looking derpy and waiting to step up on the stage.
That were a few things I wasn't satisfied about my outfit: I didn't want to wear a beret, but dumb me didn't get the dress matching headbow when I had the chance, and I need to buy a new petticoat because my petticoat (which is from Bodyline and has no puff at all anymore) gave me no shape or volume. Luckily my dress had a babydoll cut and a built-in petticoat so it didn't look that bad. About the rest of the outfit: no complains, I like it, at least.

Me and the other contestants waiting for the results.
The judges and us.
Kakao and Will you were both looking really cute ♡ and thank you for sending me a heart when I was on the stage ^o^. The girl who won the 1st place was the one wearing the CDC, the 2nd place was the one wearing Classical (the first girl left to right in the last picture) and the 3rd the girl wearing Sweet OTT on my right. I'm sorry I don't have high quality pictures yet, those were taken by my boyfriend with my phone hehe :p
Before I show a better picture of my outfit and the rundown I would like to make a retrospective of my Lolita life so far. I've started wearing the style about nine months ago and I've worn it a total of eight times so far, here is my progress:

1st oufit: didn't really know what I was doing.
2nd and 5th outfit: actually I was wearing the same outfit for the 2nd time in the picture.
3rd outfit: one of my favorites, it was just a matter of nicer legwear and a puffier petticoat.
4th outfit: can't believe that coordinating a skirt got me a place on the Ribbon Fashion Contest final!
6th outfit: the pictures didn't do justice to my casual ballerina inspired outfit :(
7th outfit: my first Loliday! Wish I would've worn a different wig but I like this coord!
As you guys can tell I need different headpieces, blouses, bags and legwear to improve my coordinates! But I think what wrecked my outfits the most was the petticoat I was wearing, I promise in 2015 I'll get a good petti and my outfits will be a lot better. I already bought new bags, a printed AP pair of tights and new skirts, I'm waiting for them to get in Brazil. Now my goal is to get headbows, dresses and blouses!
And here is my last outfit:

8th outfit: getting better ♡
I wore a bob wig, green circle lenses and Dolly Wink #1 eyelashes. Here's the rundown:

Dress: Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream House
Bag: Angelic Pretty Sweet Cream House
Bolero: Le Carrousel
Shoes: Bodyline
Socks and tights: off-brand
Barrettes: Campanella
Star clip: Chocomint
Gingerbread pin: handmade
Beret: off-brand

That's it guys! I did the best I could with the things I own because this year I was totally broke and had to focus on studying. Maybe next year I'll be able to invest more in Lolita.
Not winning the contest was a little bit sad but the other girls have been around a lot longer than newbie me right? Plus my boyfriend got me this to cheer me up and it certainly worked:

Little Twins Stars little towel and Rilakkuma ♡
Thank You for reading and Merry Christmas!  ♡


  1. Oh what a pitty you didn't win but such contests are always very hard D: I persoanlly like your outfit :) and it's great to see how you improve with every outfit. Keep up the good work! :D

    1. Thank you Lisa!! Hope you'll get my letter soon <3

  2. I like your outfit, the combo of the Sweet cream house & the red cardigan looks so good! Good luck with getting what items you want to improve your outfits :)

    The last post on my blog~

    1. Thank you for your comment it makes me really happy :3

  3. Your last outfit was your best yet for sure! I loved it so much! I'm sure you'll do great outfits in 2015 <33

    1. I hope so too! But I need to get new clothing first T^T why so expensive? why so hard to get? :(