Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Cute accessories: Spree Picky review ♡

 Disclaimer: this is a sponsored post

Hello everyone! I just got my package from Spree Picky, it arrived quicker than I've expected and just in time for my next Lolita meeting on Sunday!
Spree Picky is an online store specialized on Kawaii fashion: they have Lolita items, Sailor Moon, Chess Story and all kinds of cute clothes you can imagine. You can shop either on their official website or their Storenvy page.
It was my first time ordering from them and first thing I have to say is that their staff is really really nice, they were always kind and attentive answering my questions and updating me on my order.

Now, onto the goodies:

It all came neatly packed, the handbag I ordered came in a TNT bag and all the other items were packed separately.

Your kawaii Wonderland ♡
The first item I decided to pick while shopping on Spree Picky was a brown 3-way satchel bag. This bag also comes in pink and lavender and can be worn three different ways as you can see here.

The brown version has the perfect Sweet-classic Lolita vibe and matches most of my Lolita wardrobe but I really really love the pink and lilac ones! I wish I could have this bag in all available colors!
The bag comes in a medium size of 30cm of width, enough to fit my 3DS, make-up bag, notebook, phone and other everyday things.
The material is quite sturdy, which I prefer, and the gold heart buckles and ribbon are good quality. I love this bag and I think I'll be wearing a lot, both in Lolita or casual outfits.

Second item that caught my eye was a Little Twin Stars bow-knot tie! Not only because of Little Twin Stars but also because I wear neckties in Lolita all the time and they really add a nice touch to my coordinates.

This bow necktie comes in six different colors being the navy and pink one my absolute favorites. I want to order a navy one in the near future for Sailor Lolita.
This necktie is adjustable so it can have a perfect fit on you:

You can use it on your blouses collars to add some detail to your outfits:

Or even make the kawaii kawaiier:

Last thing I got was a cherry hair clip, because I have three berry prints on my Lolita wardrobe and also because they were adorable!

I'm really happy with my new things. Spree Picky has a range of all things cute I could dream of. They also have the nicest staff ever, can't believe they were kind enough to hand-write me a postcard:

And send me lovely extras:

The keychain is a little Sweet Lolita ♡:

I absolutely recommend this shop. They offer free shipping on all orders of 15USD or more and you can also use my discount code to get 10% off on orders of 30USD and above.

I can't wait to wear my new accessories ♡

Thank You for reading ♡

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