Monday, March 30, 2015

White Day Meetings ♡

Hello everyone! I have bad bad news, if you've missed me on Instagram lately it's because I lost my iPhone so I haven't been able to post and I won't be posting until I get a new phone, for the same reason some of this post's pictures ended up pretty crappy since I used my boyfriend's phone to take last meeting's pictures. I'll try bringing my camera with me from now on.

Two weeks ago we went to a White Day Lolita meeting at Tea Kettle organized by our Kawaii Ambassador, Akemi. I had a lot of fun that day, because even though I'm more used to the girls in the other comm we have in my city I took a non-lolita friend to this meet-up and also met a few lolitas I'm friends with there, it was a really pleasant afternoon, not to mention how beautiful Tea Kettle is.

Selfie spam (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
I decided to stop being so protective over my Sweet Cream House and wear it again since my new dresses and skirts are arriving soon and everything. First time I wore this dress I coordinated it with dark red accents and this time I chose dusty pink to compliment the browns of the print.

Overall I like this outfit very much, that if I ignore how chubby the emperor waist cut of this JSK makes me look. I also wore little high heels which I'll try avoid doing from now on, I'm already 1,72 and maybe I should try and stay 1,72 while wearing Lolita.

Finally got to wear my BTSSB macaron ring (please ignore cuticles)
The table was looking pretty, full of cucumber sandwiches, pink tea, beautiful tea cups and plates.

Here are some pretty pictures from Helena that she allowed me to use:

They had shelves of pretty tea cups and sets, that only now I realize were for sale...I wanna go back and grab some asap!

Every meeting I attend is the same thing: I never, EVER take enough pictures, here's pretty much what I got:

Hana looking super adorable and I, looking huge.
And obligatory group picture, although you can barely find me on this one:

Thank you Akemi for another lovely meeting! I'm looking forward to Loliday ♡

Okay guys, so here is where the pictures start getting even lower quality, sorry about that. Long story short my boyfriend won a cruise trip, we went to the thing and look who was there:

Yay for Kitty!
He didn't win just any cruise trip but a Fashion cruise and the best part was that Hello Kitty brand was there for a workshop which I got the chance to participate and Sanrio Brazil gifted me and nine lucky girls amazing Hello Kitty products:

I got a Hello Kitty X KISS bag, a Hello Kitty tumbler, a Hello Kitty t-shirt which you are about to see on this post and many other little things. Thanks to my boyfriend's creativity and luck to win trips and all kinds of stuff.

However...guess where genius Audrey left her phone? That's right --' I left it in the ship.

Yesterday another comm (the one I hang out with the most often) held their version of the White Day meeting, initially I wasn't planning to go, the meet-up was themed and most girls went wearing either boystyle, shiro Lolita or bunny themed outfits. I was not in a good mood because I went through quite a bit recently and I didn't have any clothes that could possibly fit into the themes, since I had already paid for it I went to the meeting and I'm glad I did, It was so nice seeing the girls and I left there feeling way happier than I was. Since I didn't want to risk a crappy Lolita or Boystyle outfit I just went like this:

I wore a wig because my hair was a mess and the t-shirt Sanrio Brazil gave me, I was wearing Hello Kitty glasses too. I feel bad for wearing such a lazy outfit but it would be a waste to wear Lolita not being in a good mood.
Kitty and Fay organized the meeting again, they gave us little marshmallow bags, one for us and two that we were supposed to give to whoever we felt like giving. I was so happy Uiu gave me one of his! Mayara was a sweetheart too and brought me Panda Pocky since she noticed my love for Pocky on the Valentine's Day meeting. You guys are so nice, I feel lucky to be part of my comm!
As if I wasn't being pampered enough by these amazing people I also won a cute lollipop necklace from Chok&Berry, I gave my marshmallow bags to Chok&Berry's owner and to Helo, since I adore her and she was the one who randomly picked my number on the giveaway!

Lovely presents from lovely people ♡
I ended up buying two cute charms from Chok&Berry too! Already hung them on my 3DS and handbag!

Cute swiss roll and Peko-chan's matcha cake.
Wow! I do miss my phone for taking reasonable pictures! I'll work something out for future posts.
Also, I realize this blog turned a year old about 12 days ago! Awesome, thanks everyone for the support I hope to keep up with my blog for even more years ~^o^~

Thank You for reading ♡

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Valentine's Day outfit and what I've been up to ♡

Hello everyone! Long time no see! I don't think I've ever been this busy and tired. College started and I was having a though routine, now I have a bit more of free time. I'm late on this post, the Valentine's Day meeting happened about three weeks ago! It was the most fun Lolita meeting I've attended so far, so many nice girls went and I just had a great time.

My inspiration to put this outfit together were chocolate and berries, which I think is very Valentine's Dayish. I wore my Sweet Cream Strawberry Days skirt from BTSSB and some Bodyline and off-brand items.
We got to send and receive valentines to each other. I was both happy and surprised by the valentines I received, thank you so much to every girl who sent me a valentine. It's a good thing that I'm finally comfortable among the other lolitas, I struggled quite a bit in the beginning since I was shy to talk to anyone, now I think I'm starting to make really good friends in the fashion.

We also played a game to exchange chocolates! I'm sorry I was overly protective over my Pocky, once I got them I didn't want to let them go so I'm not sure if I was a fair player...I'm sensitive when it comes to food.

Originally there were three boxes, but I ate one immediately.
The meeting happened at Chez Mona, a cute french inspired boulangerie, I love the place, hope we'll be able to have many other meetings there! I ordered iced tea and a mango chutney and prosciutto baguette and it was great.

And here are some pictures from Aline, which I really liked, I hope it's okay I post them here and I'm sorry for cutting them square, just aesthetic purposes (methodical me cuts all pics square)

As you can see I sit like a lady.
Had a great time, thank you to all the involved people.
Last weekend I went to Las Chicas with my boyfriend, we've been wanting to have breakfast there for a while and we finally got a chance. Love the place, their salmon toast was great. They had Pullip dolls pictures framed on their walls but I didn't get many good pictures 'cause lighting didn't collaborate much.

Always a pleasure to spot Gary Baseman's work at random places.
I haven't shopped much lately, I'm a broke college student but I did get a few cute accessories from Forever 21 a while ago, think they might add a nice touch to my coordinates.

Gingham socks are love.
Month and a half to go and I'll finally get my hands on my Lolita haul, gotta wait my boyfriend's mom come back from Japan and I'll be a few steps closer to fulfill my dream of swimming in burando. For now I gotta get back to reality because I have some serious studying to do. Hope to update you guys again soon!

Thank You For Reading ♡