Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Sweets and recent purchases ♡

Hi everyone! Phone is working, as some of you can notice I'm back on Instagram and now back to my usual posts here. I have to post about last weekend and the weekend before and my Japan haul. Today I'm gonna show you the things I got 2 weeks ago and the places I visited. Before the end of this week I'll try posting last weekend's things and Japan haul is coming soon I promise.

A couple weeks ago I decided to go on the suicidal mission of shopping at downtown São Paulo (precisely 25 de março), which is a pretty shady yet crowded as hell place, but it is my to-go place when I need to buy craft supplies and/or cheap jewelry, accessories and stuff like that. It's a pretty popular place, known for it's many stores and cheap prices. Finding cute stuff there is not easy but if you have patience, time and a good eye I assure you can find something good. Here is what I brought home from my last visit:

I bought this bag at a store that, if I well remember, was called "Bendita Benedita" which is actually a really cute store with lots of pretty things, their products are quite expensive compared to other stores in that area but this one was on sale, it was pink, cute, you can wear it cross-body or as a clutch and it comes with two different straps. I've been using this a lot and I regret not getting it in mint too. Maybe it's already sold out but hopefully I'll be able to get it in mint sometime.

I got this navy polka dot tights at some lingerie store along with some pink ballet tights I wear all the time when in Lolita, this was on sale too and since I'm eager to add accents of navy to my wardrobe, I brought it home.

I really really want a straw boater hat to wear with Lolita, I couldn't find the perfect one yet so I got this one, the ribbon is brown so I can wear it with most of my stuff since brown is one of the main colors on my wardrobe. I got a pink beret too, I forgot to take a picture of it though. I also have a white and a navy beret coming in the mail, hope they arrive soon.

The main reason I went to 25 though, was to buy craft supplies to make a flower crown, this picture isn't flattering but here is the finished product! I bought 3 kinds of artificial flowers, green ribbon and green wire, it took me about an hour and a half to make it.

And here are a couple things I got at the mall:

This lavender polka-dot robe was actually a present from my boyfriend and I've been wearing it everyday at home, it so warm and fluffy, I love it.

I got this little mushroom while grocery-shopping, it comes with a black marker so you can write things on it, I drew a little face on it and put an Alice in Wonderland quote because mushrooms remind me of Wonderland, then I took the black rope that it came with and put a pink ribbon and hung it on my wall. You can find it at Carrefour.

Those were actually from my mom, she bought them for me last time I went visit her.

Got these when visiting our Asian town, Liberdade. I haven't opened yet, it's so cute and pastel.

That's pretty much all that I've got here and there. The weekend before the last one I was on my PMS and was craving sweets like crazy so me and my boyfriend went for some.

First stop: Elaine Monteiro. Because although they do not have the greatest range of sweets and I don't find their cupcakes particularly exciting, they do have the best cinnamon rolls I've ever tasted. Me and my boyfriend took a picture together but we both look derpy :3

Right after we went to Carol di Dio for some macarons. We picked raspeberry, lemon-grass and passion fruit. I didn't like the raspeberry one, which tasted nothing like raspeberry but dark chocolate.

On the next day we had lunch and dessert at Espaço Kazu, they make my favorite desserts and I post pictures of their sweets on this blog to exhaustion so here are some more because I can't get enough!

Although their fruit tart is my all-time favorite I decided to pick the Summer Fruits Jelly which was nice and refreshing. Last weekend I did eat a bunch of sweets and visited new places I had never been before! Hope you guys like this post and if you want to know where I got anything specifically lemme know in the comments!

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Friday, May 22, 2015

How to coord a skirt ♡

Hello everyone! Before I start this post's main subject just a few updates and explanations: I'm sorry I've been absent, I have tons of things to post about but I can't take pictures even though I have a brand new phone that's sitting useless on my desk right now. I have a new phone, but I can't use it just yet because I don't have my phone number back, to get my phone number back I need my step-mom to go to the store and get me the new SIM card, since my account is on her name (it's a family account) two weeks have passed since I got the new phone and she can't bring herself to go to the store and the phone won't start unless I put the SIM card in it, it has been a pretty annoying situation.

All my new Lolita things that had been in Japan since November arrived almost a month ago, I'm keeping most of them and only selling a few things.
Now I can sure say I'm not only a "beret-lolita" but a "skirt-lolita", I wear skirts most of the time and this has to do with the fact that I own only three dresses and, not including the ones I'm going to sell, I have seven skirts in my wardrobe after my Japan haul arrived.
I've heard a lot of lolitas saying that they don't like skirts. I can imagine a few reasons for that: skirts are less prone to fit than most JSKs, skirts make short people look even shorter if they don't coord it correctly and dresses are just a lot nicer to have!

"Nah, I'm taking the OP"
Well, speaking for myself I'm a big fan of skirts and here are some of the reasons I ended up with seven of them after one year in this fashion:

- Skirts allow more coordinating possibilities
- Skirts are more affordable, not only because they already cost less, when buying a print second hand you'll rarely find a skirt that costs more than it's retail price, can't say the same about dresses
- Sometimes I don't like the bodice of the dresses available of a certain print
- Finding the skirt of a print you want is, most of the time, easier than finding the dress

To better illustrate let me give you an example: I've always wanted Sweetie Violet, preferably the OP but loved all cuts still. I had the chance to buy the navy JSK once on Closet Child, the JSK originally costed about 26,000 yen but, since it's a quite popular print, Closet Child was selling it second hand for, if I well remember, 36,800 yen. That was the only time I found this dress up for sale. So when I saw the lavender skirt for 13,800 + shipping (knowing that it's original price was 18,144) I didn't see why not to grab the skirt. The same thing happened with Eternal Rose Bouquet and a bunch other prints.

Of course I want the dresses, but  I'm not paying what I believe to be an unfair price for them unless it's one of my ultimate dream dresses and maybe not even them if it's something ridiculous like 500 USD.

Lately I've been seeing a few nice skirts for sale but since I only have three dresses I'm trying to save up to buy a 4th one now. However, I'll still be wearing my skirts a lot, and I see no problem with that since they are lovely.

So here's my little guide to coord skirts:

- If you don't want to keep it casual gotta have a good sort of blouses, boleros and cardigans. Throwing a simple white blouse won't compliment the skirt as much as a cute bolero
- Draw attention to your neck and chest areas, I'm personally a fan of neck bows but necklaces and collars are a good option too
-You can also pin a cute brooch to a cardigan to add more detail into your outfit
- I like to tuck my blouse in, but that's just me

Images speak louder than words, let's see a few great skirt coords to have a better understanding:

In my opinion what makes this coord interesting is the mint blouse, it really ties the outfit together making it really cute and lovely, the chocomint idea is very refreshing.

Here the darker color cardigan, the colar and the bow on the chest compensate for the ''empty'' area the skirt leaves creating more balance. I'd only exchange the headbow for a brown beret and a matching bow barrette and the striped socks for tights because thats who I am.

This outfit is sooo lovely, here you can clearly see how the neck bow makes a difference and adds detail to the outfit complimenting the beautiful print.

It's also important to note that boleros and short cardigans tend to work better covering only what is necessary, not hiding the details of the skirt such as pretty waist-ties, etc.

A fur collar is also a great idea, very versatile as you can see in the picture above.

What I love about this outfit other than everything is the neck bow and the beret, what a better proof of how nicely coordinated a skirt can be?

 More casual yet lovely example, a simple cardigan with a cute matching brooch and cute necklace.

Here is one of my very favorite coords ever (skirt or not) she's not only rocking the skirt but also the rectangular headdress (something I didn't know that was even possible before seeing this picture).

After this post I'm pretty sure you are convinced of the awesome potential of the skirts. All pictures were found on my Tumblr dashboard and collected over the time for inspiration, if any of those pictures are yours and you want me to take it down lemme know!

Hope you all enjoyed this post, I can't wait to start posting regularly again!

Thank You for reading ♡