Friday, June 12, 2015

Old School meeting and odd champagne bar ♡

Hello everyone! Gotta post about last Lolita meeting I went to before it gets old, specially because we have a swap meeting next Sunday which I'm super excited for, can't wait to get some new accessories!
A couple weeks ago I attended an Old School themed meeting, originally I wasn't going, because Old School is not really my thing, I believe my style is very 2015 and I like the new trends, since I started wearing Lolita last year it makes sense, I find even Sweet OTT "old".
But turns out the meeting I was going to attend in June was canceled so I went to the Old School one. The meeting was at Tea Kettle and it was small, I appreciate how thoughtful the hosts were with all the little activities they planned, they paid so much attention to detail and it was a pleasant afternoon we spent at Tea Kettle. Unfortunately the lolitas I'm good friends with didn't attend the meeting but a few other nice lolitas I'm getting to know did so I could talk to them a bit more this time.
The main reason I didn't want to go this meeting at first was because I thought I wouldn't be able to come up with an outfit, if only I had black shoes I could have put together a black&white coord with my Rockabilly Dot skirt from Angelic Pretty, the shoes were the only thing missing. The closest I could get from old school Lolita was wearing a non-print skirt and a two-color-only palette. I wish I could wear something more elaborate but I tried to stick with the theme. Even wearing a very simple outfit I could already tell how much I improved in comparison to most of my previous outfits. Now I have a new petticoat with proper poof and I upgraded my old petti buy sewing an extra layer of hard tulle to it, the poof makes such a  big difference, I feel so much more confident in Lolita now. I also have new blouses, bags, legwear and all sort of stuff to work with, last year I struggled a lot because my small wardrobe made me limited, I'm so excited to wear Lolita now and keep growing my wardrobe.
I wore Rose Dress-Up for the first time, unfortunately there are two problems with that skirt: first it's a little too short on me 'cause I'm a tall-lita, and second, it came without the damn waist-ties T^T, I bought another skirt from the same seller and it came without the wait-ties too, don't even get me started on how mad I still am about it. Other than that Rose Dress-Up is absolutely gorgeous, I got it in light pink which is my favorite color from the series. I've always wanted the dress, since I laid my eyes on it for the first time, hope I'll get it someday.

Skirt: Angelic Pretty
Bag: Angelic Pretty
Tights: American Apparel
Blouse: Random japanese store
All the rest: off-brand

I made the dumb decision to wear thigh-high stockings which were slipping all the time but other than that I like my outfit, I think it looks simple but elegant, It's not like I can shorten myself for Lolita, so sorry, I'll keep wearing my short skirts if I like them and a underskirt wouldn't work with Rose Dress-Up.

I wore black ankle socks with lace cuffs because I didn't want all the black to be on top and the pink on the bottom, I think it looks more harmonious this way.

Anyway, enough talking about me. Let's show da food, which is very important:

The hosts handed us those cute little envelopes with our names stamped on, inside there were some craft supplies for a little embroidery lesson, which I liked very much, they said they were inspired by Momoko of Kamikaze Girls to come up with the idea I think it was lovely and I really enjoyed learning how to make a little rosebud with a ribbon.

I live in a big city and me and my boyfriend are like: we are driving, we pass by some interesting place, we stop, we go check what the place is all about. It happened after the old school meeting: we were driving home and we saw this odd little shop: it was dark and neon and it had bubbles coming out of it, like actual bubbles. It was a champagne and cake bar, all they had was champagne, cake and milkshakes (and some merch of their own brand). It was not your regular champagne, you could pick flavored popping bubbles, I picked cherry flavor and they gave me a neon pink plastic flute with a straw. The eletronic club-like music playing just added to the weirdness.

Thank You For Reading ♡


  1. Vocês sempre acham uns locais muito show e legais *o* dai fico louca pra ir hehe (mas não tenho companhia e as vezes é fora de mão ;;) espero conseguir ir neles alguma hora. Seria legal fazer meio que uma postagem com todos esses lugares (sugestão só \o)

    1. É uma ótima sugestão!! Qualquer dia vou fazer um com todas minhas docerias preferidas *u* muitas vezes a gente acha por acaso os lugares, é que a gente é curioso e sempre para pra fuçar haha. Alguns são fora de mão mesmo mas eu conheço uns que são perto de metrô ai é bem legal, eu gosto de ir mesmo sozinha, espero que vc visite alguns desses lugares sozinha ou acompanhada pq é muito bom conhecer lugares novos né?? Obrigada por passar no meu blog ^o^

  2. An old school meet sounds cool, it's my favourite style ^_^
    Your skirt is very nice and I love what you did with the ankle socks too.

    { }

    1. Thank You!! I was very doubtful about the socks but I felt the need to add some black on the bottom too!