Thursday, July 23, 2015

Lolita inspirations and what I can’t live without ♡

Hello there! I've been taking super slow with the 30 day Lolita challenge, so today I'm going to do 3 in 1!

10 things I can't live without in Lolita:

1- Internet
It would be impossible for me to even shop Lolita without internet!

2- Angelic Pretty and Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
I'm far far away from having a wardrobe full of brand, but AP and Baby were my motivation to start wearing Lolita and without my desire of collecting their pieces I wouldn't even mind wearing Lolita at all.

3- My local community
I don't have many close Lolita friends but if my comm didn't exist and the girls didn't organize meetings I would rarely get the chance to wear Lolita. It's also nice to know that are other girls in my country who enjoy and wear the fashion and have the opportunity to meet them from time to time.

4- My blog
It's not that wouldn't be able to live without it but I consider my blog important to document my growth in the fashion.

5- Sweet and Sweet-classic
If Classic, Gothic, Pirate Lolita, etc were the only options I wouldn't have started wearing Lolita in the first place, I might go Classic someday but it was never my motivation to start or keep going.

6- Wigs
It's impossible to me to wear Lolita with my natural hair. No wig is a no no for me.

7- Second hand shops from Japan
I'd be rarely able to get things straight from the actual stores, it's too expensive and I'd had to save even more money so I'm glad it's possible to find nearly mint condition pieces second hand. However everything that I ever bought second hand was from Japan, I don't trust Western lolitas as I think most of them don't take good care of their clothes. Japanese sales offer better deals than Western ones too.

8- Make-up
Because my bare face would never go with Lolita. Now that I can apply false lashes by myself I'm so content, I love doing my make-up for Lolita I think I'm fairly good at it.

9- Berets
Although I plan start wearing different kinds of headdress from now on I think berets are already my trademark, during my first year as a lolita all my coords included a beret. I have about ten of them and yes, I intend to buy more. I also wanna try boater hats, flower crowns, corsages, bonnets and headbows.

10- Tights
So far OTK's haven't worked for me, my legs have far too many bruises to wear just frilly ankle socks or ankle socks with lace cuffs so whenever I'm in Lolita I'm wearing tights, which also helps since I'm kinda tall for Lolita and most of my skirts and dresses are short on me :(.

10 people who inspire your Lolita style.

I can't think of ten people who inspire me and I'm really not into ass kissing (sorry hehe). However here are some girls, that I can't deny, have inspired me very much and continue to do so:

It might seem obvious to some people. But I actually really like Misako, I think she was meant to wear this Fashion, although I'm the very opposite of her I like the way she carries herself, she's just pure cuteness and she looks gracious in Lolita.

Rinrin is adorable. She deserves to be where she is, other girls could be arrogant or conceited if in her position as an Angelic Pretty model however she remains humble about it. Besides that she looks good in Lolita so I look up to her a lot.

I don't know much about Mila but she seems nice and funny from what I've red on her blog posts, the reason I admire her is the oufit above, one of my all-time favorites I've seen so far. I love her other coordinates too but this one is very inspirational to me and represents how I would like to dress someday when I have a better wardrobe. And just like Misako and Rinrin she looks super pretty in Lolita.

Angii-chan  has amazing creativity when it comes to balancing colors and mixing brand and off-brand. I relate a lot to her style preferences which are very otome and chocolatey, she wears the exact kind of Sweet Lolita that got me into the fashion. The content she posts on her blog is just what I'm always looking for and she seems very polite and well educated. I'd say from all lolitas she is probably the one who has inspired me the most.

I have so many pictures of Melva Yan for inspiration on my computer that I can safely say she is big influence to me. Whenever I buy a new print I search to see if she has coordinated it before, and get some great ideas.

And those are the people that inspire me the most, I'm really shy when complimenting people let alone saying that they are my inspiration so I hope they don't mind this post (please let me know if you ever see this post and want me to take down your picture ~.~).
I look up to some of the lolitas in my comm but I think none of the girls in Brazil has precisely the style I'm into, I feel like most good Brazilian lolitas are into Classical or a kind of Sweet that is way too Sweet for me, I admire them in their own style but I want to dress in a different way so is definitely more admiration than inspiration.

10 songs that inspire you for Lolita

The songs I like have little to do with Lolita, I'm really into female rappers who are total bad-asses and they inspire me a whole lot in general, specially Brooke Candy who is my idol and role model. Those songs inspire me by their woman empowerment which is something you gotta have to wear Lolita with confidence.

1- Cloud Aura - Charlie XCX feat. Brooke Candy
2- Opulence - Brooke Candy
3- Feel Yourself - Brooke Candy
4- Das Me - Brooke Candy
5- Pop Rock - Brooke Candy
6- Bed Squeak - Brooke Candy
7- I'm Out - Ciara feat. Nick Minaj
8- Like a Boy - Ciara
9- Man Down - Rihanna
10- Diva - Beyoncé

Thank You for reading ♡


  1. Gostei das respostas <3! Também gosto mais de sweet e sweet classical do que dos outros subestilos <3

  2. Hello dear! I stumbled upon here from your comment on my blog! And I have to say I am so very very touched by your kind words! Thank you so much, I'm so happy to be one of your inspirations <3 Ahhh you're making me blushhhh :DDDD

    1. Omg I'm the one who's blushing now! Thank you so much you are a genuine inspiration for me and one of my favorite bloggers <3

  3. Adorei a Playlist. Aposto que deve causa reações do tipo "nossa, não imaginaria que vc gosta dessa musica". Acho tão ZZZzzzzz que ainda tem gente que acha que lolita só pode ouvir musica clássica e fofa.
    Parabéns pelo blog, lindo como sempre!

    1. Hahaha sim até pq minha personalidade não é de pessoa fofa :3

  4. E o namorado, a tia do namorado, a mãe do namorado e os correios do Japão! >.<