Thursday, August 6, 2015

Outfit inspired by a location: Disneyland ♡

Hello everyone! I've recently joined the Lolita Blog Carnival an online community for all the international Lolita bloggers. The theme voted this week was "Outfit inspired by a location". I knew this would be easy for me since I have Promenade de Paris OP and tights but going for them would be a little too obvious so I decided to put together an outfit inspired by Disneyland! I could've put a coord together on Photoshop or Polyvore but I chose to use my own clothes instead. Planning outfits with dream items that I might never get sounds too painful for me, better work with things I already own so I can actually wear it if I get the chance. I've never been to Disneyland but I hope I will have the opportunity someday *dreams*.

I don't have another pair of shoes that would work with this coord but if I was actually going to Disneyland I would change the shoes in the picture for a black or red pair of Converse shoes to keep casual and comfy.

I cringe whenever I see pictures of outfits spread on the bed with the shoe's soles touching the bedding or even the clothes. Why people do that?? I know it looks better without a paper underneath the shoes but I'm all up for hygiene.
Skirt: Rockabilly Dot by Angelic Pretty
Accesories: Chocomint, off-brand
Headbow: Le Carrousel
Cardigan: Riachuelo
Bag: Angelic Pretty
The rest is off-brand

And here I included two versions of the same outfit just to show how it looks on and how versatile this skirt is, which one do you like the best?

*sorry about the quality :( *
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Thank you for reading and see you next time ♡


  1. Que fofo! Eu gosto muito desses coords mais casuais e práticos para o dia a dia :3

    1. Obrigada *v* eu também adoro casual, as vezes menos é mais né? :3