Thursday, September 17, 2015

My signature look ♡

I like this week's theme on Lolita Blog Carnival, we are supposed to talk about what is our "signature look". One of the things I love about Lolita is how everyone is able to imprint their own personal style while keeping the same silhouette. Even wearing the same fashion we are all able to give our unique touches and interpretations of Lolita. Here are some of the things that when put all together make an outfit look like something coordinated by me:

 The constant use of brown accents 
Brown is such a comfort zone color for me and it has been present on the majority of my outfits so far, if a print can be coordinated with brown it's easy enough for me to put together an outfit with it. Navy and dark red have been gaining a lot of space on my wardrobe lately as well.

 The overall simplicity
I'd like to think of my outfits as simple and polished (at least lately). I do like elaborate outfits but not so much when they fall into the costume-y side of things. Also I tend to want dresses and skirts that look a bit more casual and versatile opposed to elaborate OPs and extravagant designs.

Unless I'm wearing a bolero there will much likely be some sort of necktie, bow or ribbon on my collar I don't feel the outfit is tied together without a necktie to add visual interest to a simple blouse.

 The covered up legs
Since I'm a bit tall for Lolita I always wear tights, this might change if I find OTKs long and stretchy enough in the future. I can't do ankle socks with bare legs or socks that won't cover my knees. I usually wear printed tights or a simple tights and lace cuff ankle socks combo.

 The beret and matching barrette combo
Although I've recently acquired three headbows, none of which I have worn yet, berets will always be my favorite headwear. I always add a barrette or brooch that matches the outfit too.

 The brand and off-brand mix
Currently all my dresses and skirts are either AP or Baby, however, I have a bunch of cardigans, blouses and accessories that are off-brand not to mention all of my shoes, so my outfits always end up a mix of brand and non-brand. I don't think I'll ever be in head-to-toe brand.

Including the ones that are yet to arrive I have almost twice more skirts than dresses and I love coordinating them and intend to buy more skirts in the future. You are most likely to see me in a skirt than in a dress.

 The sweet-not-too-sweet look
I love the Sweet Lolita aesthetic and sillouette: the cupcake shape, the bows, the cuteness. But I prefer neutral colors like brown, red, ivory and navy than pastels and when I'm wearing pastels I'm likely to mix them with muted dark colors for a more mature look. I'm also not into prints that are too childish like Milky Planet or Toy Parade.

 My rings and pearl bracelets
I always wear two pearl bracelets on my right wrist! And ever since I got my heart and pink stone rings I wear them every time I'm in Lolita. They are not the most outstanding pieces of jewelry but they match almost every coordinate!

 Matching nails
Whenever I get to plan an outfit in advance I paint my nails a matching color.

What is your signature look? Don't forget to check out theirs:

Thank you for reading ♡


  1. This is such a lovely post ❤
    It's quite fun sometimes to think about what are the things that are "you". Other people see those more clearly, but it's not so easy for yourself. :)

    ~ Frillycakes ~

    1. I agree with you and thank you for stopping by <3

  2. I agree with you on so many points! Brown is also one of my favourites (mainly because chocolate). :D You look lovely in your outfits, and it's so great to see you've found your own style/personality in lolita <3

  3. I love the chocolate theme too <3 and thank you very much so do you :)

  4. Omg ♥ There is so Lovely.
    i love the socks ♥ ♥ ♥

  5. I really enjoyed this post, inspiring ways to change up coords. I'm a fan of brown and berets too!

    1. Thank you! I'm happy you found this inspirational <3