Friday, November 20, 2015

Bazar J-Fashion and Halloween Meeting ♡

Hello everyone! Just a quick post to update you on the last Lolita events I attended. Bazar J-Fashion happened once again last month, it's like our local swap meeting, I'm so thankful to the people who organize this event twice a year, this time I only went there to buy stuff, because I've been working a lot and had money to spare haha.

I do look tired as hell.
I wore a simple outfit to the Bazar, can't even be considered Lolita, the skirt is Angelic Pretty but it's super short on me, it has a built-in petticoat but I wasn't wearing an actual one so let's just call this whatever-kei. Skirt and bag are Angelic Pretty, blouse is off-brand, headbow is Le Carrousel and cardigan is Riachuelo. I wasn't even wearing a wig can you believe? And I loveeed trying out the headbow, I want more of them now.

I picked up my order from Le Carrousel, a sailor skirt, and ended up buying a black bolero and a navy bow barrette. The navy blouse/dress is from Lira, the chocolate ice cream necklace from Camila and the pink bolero from Kakao.

Our Halloween meeting happened on November 1st. The night before I went to a concert so I was extremely tired and stayed only for a bit, my body was so sore, I wish I could've been in a better shape for the meeting.

I'm really not into Halloween or Gothic themes so I just wore my new skirt from Le Carrousel, this outfit is quite sloppy but it was very last minute, I hate my wig choice for this, I look very bad on the pictures :/. Bolero is Magic Tea Party and glitter bangle Thais Gusmão, the rest is off-brand.

The meeting happened at Gita Make My Cake, it was my first time visiting and I loved it, great empanadas and delicious cake! I love the decor, it's so nice that she decorated for Halloween but I want to visit again to see how the place looks without that.

I'm glad I found time to update! The end of the year is always very chaotic but less than a month to go, Holidays and my vacations are just around the corner :)

Thank you for reading ♡

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