Monday, November 2, 2015

My birthday party ♡

Hello everyone! Long time no update. My birthday is October 8th and on the 10th I invited some friends over for a little get-together at my house. I usually don't like celebrating my birthday but this year I it saw as an excuse to meet some friends I hadn't seen in a while and make some cute foods and drinks.

I didn't feel like wearing Lolita for the occasion so I put this simple otome-ish outfit together.

I don't have a good picture of what I was wearing per usual. I decided to coordinate my Sweetie Violet skirt from Angelic Pretty with navy and keep it super casual. I wasn't wearing a wig or petticoat, just wanted to be cute and comfortable.

I only invited a few close friends and very few girls from my comm, I'm happy that some of my best friends were able to come to my party. I prepared simple treats with the help of my boyfriends mom and aunt who made the veggie pie and my birthday cake. I bought strawberry meringues, marshmallows and made green tea brigadeiro (a different version of a very traditional Brazilian treat). The guests could choose from two different Italian soda flavors to drink: violet and raspberry.

The violet flavored Italian soda was my favorite thing, yummy, refreshing and even matched my skirt.

And last but not least the cake: strawberry and cream naked cake, made by my boyfriends aunt, special thank you for my boyfriend and his family for their big help.

Mostly took pictures of me and my friends with my Instax. I didn't bother taking too many pictures of the party, just wanted to enjoy sometime with the dear people I invited.

Hope I'll be able to post about the latest meetings soon, school and work are giving me a hard time lately but I'm always trying to keep up with the posts!

Thank you for reading ♡


  1. Parabéns \o/

    Fiquei curiosa com a soda de violeta :3 Adoro esses licores para soda italiana e ainda quero ter uma coleção :9

    1. eu também queria ter uma coleção hahahaha, o próximo que quero comprar é o de rosas!

  2. The color palet looks so delicate and kind of warm, I'm not sure how to describe it. Of course, everything loos delicious, I didn't know about bottled italian soda, sadly it's not selling on Mexico :(

    1. You can make Italian soda with most fruit syrups by adding sparkling water! Try it sometime you will love it :3