Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Summer Lolita outfit for Mimi Party ♡

Hello there! With the upcoming Holidays I'll have a lot more free time, so at least for the next 20 days expect more frequent posts here and on Instagram, I'm getting my well deserved rest and now I can focus on my hobbies, yay :)

Last Sunday I attended Mimi Party, hosted by Brazil's kawaii ambassador Akemi, I didn't take many pictures of the event (when do I?) so I'm just here to show you the coordinate I wore for the occasion.
I wasn't able to wear a full outfit because it was a very hot day, around 30°C (I live in the Southern Hemisphere and yes, our Christmas happens during Summer and yes I do think it's weird). I was brave enough to wear a wig but I couldn't bring myself to wear tights and I ended up with bare legs (something I said I would never).

The outfit turned out very Casual Lolita, which unlike most people I'm a big fan of. I also chose a head bow over a beret. I plan on getting more of them in the future.

I didn't get any pictures I was 100% happy with. Here you can clearly see why I should always cover my legs, also those shoes look like flats on the picture but they're actual Lolita shoes. I always think my coordinates look better in person, this one is not different.

It was my first time wearing Bunny-chan and Strawberry Snow by Baby, The Stars Shine Bright, it arrived recently with my latest Japan haul, it's a very old print and it was a bargain. I think this print is really cute, I love the bunnies and I'm glad the skirt doesn't have the pompom trim the JSK has. It's a pitty this print has been so highly replicated though. It's a simple staple piece and very easy to coordinate so I'm glad I bought it.
I was wearing a pink bolero from Baby and the Swimmer ankle socks pink matched it. The bag is Angelic Pretty and the bow is Le Carrousel.

I also bought a few things at Mimi Party, there were many different stands, here's what I picked:

I brought some sweets: mini doughnuts, a macaron trio and a matcha brigadeiro (I actually bought two but ate one before the picture).

Tea Kettle also had a little stand there, I bought one of their limited edition Christmas blends:

And lastly I picked this Totoro notebook which is a present I'll be sending to a dear friend:

That's about it for my Mimi Party post! I'll be back with some reviews very soon!

Thank you for reading ♡

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