Monday, August 1, 2016

Japan Trip Day 1: First day in Osaka and purchases ♡

We chose Emirates as our company, it was a 14 hour long flight to Dubai and we had a few ours to spend there, we wouldn't leave the airport though.
The flight to Dubai was uncomfortable, there was a very loud family sitting behind us, I couldn't wait to get out of the plane. At one point I fell asleep and woke up with the pain from getting my knee (which was slightly tilted to the isle side) hit by a food cart.
When we arrived in Dubai we used our food vouchers to grab sandwiches and drinks and took a look at their duty free shops, turns out the Dubai duty free shop is expensive, even more expensive than the Brazilian one, specially MAC products, here they cost almost the half and even if you buy them at a regular shop it's still cheaper, crazy stuff...since Brazil is known for being expensive when it comes to cosmetics. I would only purchase at the Dubai duty free things that I knew I wouldn't find elsewhere during this trip.

Jelly Belly is my favorite, no wonder why I named my blog Pastel Jelly Beans, bought the original pack too but ate the whole thing in Japan.
There were also three packs of Daim, my favorite chocolate, it was a long time no see thing this one.

Our flight from Dubai to Osaka however, was way more quiet and since no one was sitting beside us we had space enough to sleep comfortably and after 8 hours we arrived at Kansai airport.
We brought 4 suitcases with us, one had all our clothes, one was full of stuff for my boyfriends aunt and 2 suitcases were empty so we put the smaller one inside the bigger, I was carrying a bag and my boyfriend had his backpack and we had to roll everything by train and foot to our hotel located in Nankai-Namba.

So here's a few things I'd like you to know: unless you care to pay for this service, you don't have to drag your heavy luggage all the way to your hotel, find the baggage delivery counter at the airport and send your luggage using Ta-q-bin delivery service.
Before going to Japan I'd watch so many videos on Youtube about it and I learned from one of them that people shouldn't be loud in public transportation because that really bothers Japanese people, etc. An American girl that lives in Japan said that even when she spoke with that in mind she would still be loud enough to get stares. So I found very surprising that on our first time using the public transportation from Kansai to Namba a guy started to shout, SHOUT, probably arguing with a different guy, I couldn't tell but I've never seem something similar in São Paulo, it was intense and everyone was scared, it wasn't even night time yet and we were already witnessing some crazy stuff. Oh and also the train looked JUST like the one where Light Yagami killed Ray Penber. But yeah what I wanted you to know is that after my whole stay I conclude it takes more than simply speaking at a normal voice to actually be loud, more on that later.

When we arrived at Nankai-Namba, with our heavy suitcases, tired from traveling for the past 32 hours, it was pouring, we had our maps in hand but the streets of Osaka were confusing and different from what we are used at home. So we were having a hard time trying to find the hotel under the rain. The first person I approached, walked past me as if I was a beggar asking for money, a Japanese lady, I even said "Sumimasen" before but my ask for help got immediately declined, oh well, no need to say we were off to a bad start.
Eventually we found our hotel, Le Botejour Namba, the hotel was hidden in an alley or something, after we got the hang of it, how you find places in Japan, we became pros and there wasn't a place we couldn't find anymore, fast learners.
The hotel was okay, tiny couple bed, tiny bathroom, tiny everything but close to some pretty cool places such as Glicoman and Dotonbori.

First things first, I took a shower, I was very tired to go out but my boyfriend cheered me up, by the time we decide to leave the hotel it was pretty late already so most stores were closed, our first stop was Family Mart, which was soon to become my favorite kombini. We grabbed some oniguiri and drinks, here's a picture of our first meal in Japan:

An hour or so at Japanese drug stores was enough time for me to pick up some cosmetics I planned to buy and some I just happened to really like when I saw.

Got some face mask, cute sunscreen, body splash, lipbalm, Canmake lipgloss, BB Cream, loose face powder, the cutest nail polish and of course, restocked on Dolly Wink No.1, that's my jam! And it was tax free, because I spent 5,000 yen plus, that's a thing in Japan, not all stores though.

Also got me some hair products, they are not the cutest but I can't use most Japanese hair products anyway since they are not low poo.

We finally reached Glicoman, and Tsutaya, a Japanese bookstore, it was still open so I was fast to grab the new Angelic Pretty mook. The magazine is so pretty, the pictures are not the same as the fall/winter catalog, and it has a hair tutorial and everything, like an actual magazine and not just a dumb flyer (like the ones that came with some other AP mooks I have). The bag that comes with it is so nice, similar to the the Sugary Carnival mook but nicer.

So much LED.

Didn't take a picture of the bag because it's already in my wardrobe and it's all organized. But have a look on my two favorite dresses to be released, wish I wasn't so broke from the trip.

Love military-style, the OP is the best cut.
Dolly Dot is so my style, hope it flops so I can get it second hand for a good price, we'll see.
On our way back to the hotel I took a few pictures, looking at them now makes me really miss Japan and it's atmosphere.

I slept like a baby that night and woke up 5AM the next morning, excited to go to Universal Studios Japan, but that's on my next post!

Thank you for reading ♡


  1. Quanta coisa legal!! To amando esses posts <3 e ansiosa para os próximos!

    1. Obrigada Amy <3 muitos ainda estão por vir

  2. Acho que quando eu for pro Japão vou viver de kombini o_o"

    A última foto meio que me lembrou quando os pais da Momoko se conhecem xD

    1. Eu lembrei de tantas partes do filme passeando por lá hahaha só faltou uma plantação de repolho