Sunday, August 7, 2016

Japan Trip Day 3: Shopping, shopping and more shopping ♡

Our original plan for the third day in Japan was to have a nice and relaxing day at Spa World Osaka, they are what I would call a "modern onsen", they have all sorts of baths, from ancient Greek themed to traditional Japanese, they also have a "family area" that seems like an aquatic amusement park of some sort. So we woke up put on our swimsuits under our clothes and our flip flops and went all the way to Spa World, tickets bought, we were so excited...Turns out we never got in the spa.
The guy at the reception asked if we had tattoos and since we do (I have three small ones and my boyfriend has a medium one on his leg) we were not allowed to get in, talk about disappointment.
I don't wanna have any further say on this matter, it's cultural I get it, it is to be expected, but since Spa World isn't exactly like a traditional Japanese onsen and they didn't mention anything about tattoos on their website it was still an unpleasant surprise, brought my bikini for nothing. We did get a refund though, at least. I don't agree with Japan's tattoo policy (and yes, I know why it exists) but what can be done about it right?
And if there's one thing that can get me back to a good mood that thing is shopping! We had nothing else to do really, we planned to go to the spa and we couldn't and my map said there was a Swimmer nearby.
First stop: Mega Donki, even before we went to the spa, there was one on our way there so why not take a look?
Bought mostly My Melody items really, and a few presents for my sister (not in the picture).

Sorry about the low quality of some pictures.
My Melody and Little Twin Stars are my favorite "kawaii" characters but I bought way more My Melody this time because I already had lots of LTS merch before the trip. Got the bracelet, Instax film, a Baskin Robbins collaboration pouch, etc. The nail file was actually quite expensive, it's one of those "crystal" nail files that last way more than the paper ones and also leave a smooth finish on the nail.

After the spa fail we headed to a mall called Abeno, originally I only went there for Swimmer but turns out the mall had a lot of cute stores, you would get out of one and immediately find another one making it really hard to even leave the mall!

I didn't take too long at Swimmer because I already had in mind what I wanted to buy. Specially this silky pink backpack that I had my eye on since they put it on the website.
I couldn't get a good picture of my backpack though but let me say this: this bag is beautiful, it's so pretty and big in real life, but the material is very very delicate, it can easily get scratches and the color is very light so if you want this as your everyday backpack I hope you don't mind getting it ruined, I sure do so I've been trying to be very careful with this bag.

I got two make-up bags that are made of the same material, the lavender one already has scratches even though I packed it really carefully in my suitcase.

I bought some other things at Swimmer: kitten notebook, only because the cover was so cute, a key-chain, a tiny strawberry bowl that I like to keep my rings in and a red ring that I'm absolutely in love with.

I'm having trouble trying to remember what I bought on each day and which store I went first so the rest of my posts tend to be less accurate, I'll try my best though.
I'm pretty sure the next store was Village Vanguard, Exciting Bookstore. My first time visiting Village Vanguard! I can't believe I never knew about this store before, how come no one ever mentions it? This is one of the coolest stores you'll find in Japan! They are everywhere and they have a little bit of everything, Village Vanguard became a huge favorite of mine.

The first time I visited a Village Vanguard store I got the items above: Barbie face mask, Baskin Robbins candy, a LTS/Care Bears pin and one of my favorite things I bought in Japan: and embroidered Kiki's Delivery Service brooch that is so intricate and beautiful, which justifies the price tag 'cause that thing wasn't cheap at all!

I know that at some point on that day we visited Liz Lisa, I'm not a huge fan of the brand but I wanted to take a look on their stuff since we casually found the store, I wasn't hoping to find anything to my liking or size until I saw this beautiful navy gingham dress. I asked to try it on and not only the dress had a perfect fit on me it was also quite long for Liz Lisa. I bought the dress and since then it became my babe. It works great with otome, believe me or not.

Love navy and love gingham.
We had lunch at that very mall, we didn't know what to eat so we decided to give shabu shabu a try, it wasn't bad but we didn't care to eat it again, I'm not into meat anyways. I just have to address that the waitress had pretty good English!

Abeno mall had this really huge kids section, don't skip those when you see them in Japan because they usually have Sanrio/San-X merch. I found this new character from San-X I really like, a whale called "Jinbesan".

Got a Little Twin Stars body towel, My Melody bento box (which is so cute and expensive to use as a bento box) and Jinbesan's pencil and sticker sheet. I got a My Melody mirror too but forgot about it when I took the picture so I'll just include it on my next post.

As you can see on the picture bellow, kid's section was worth it, there was a huge Sanrio isle too.

We then went to Tokyu Hands, I bought some pens and two Sonny Angel blind boxes, one from the Flower Series and the other from the Fruit Series.

I wasn't happy with the flower Sonny Angel I got, the morning glory, I really wanted lily bell, I got the melon too, I think I'll honestly like anyone from the Fruit Series as long it's not one I already have. The pens are really cool, they are erasable highlighters and markers in pretty colors.

We finally got ourselves to leave Abeno Mall, I 100% recommend anyone who likes kawaii things to visit this mall when in Osaka, I promise you won't regret it. We then went to a different mall because I wanted to shop at Amavel. This store I must say, was a bitch to find, on that day we learned that Japanese shopping malls can be very confusing!

But when we did find the store it really paid-off. I'll start saying that the staff was really nice, they treated me so well, I have no complaints, I already liked Amavel, I had experience buying on their website before the trip but after visiting the store my love for this brand only grew. 

I stocked up on Amavel blouses, I have quite a few blouses now, but I'll keep buying them, I'm not a 50 main-pieces and 3 blouses kind of lolita, I like to have options and get a good use out of my main-pieces.

Feel in love with this one, the material is really soft, Amavel blouses have a really comfortable fit on me, they are a little short but since I always wear blouses either tucked in or under a JSK it doesn't really matter.

The blouses need some ironing, please don't mind it. I have the short sleeve version of the above blouse and I wear it a lot, it's so versatile so I already had the long sleeve in mind before I went to the store, I grabbed the last one.

And BAM! Got this very lacy, absolutely gorgeous long sleeve blouse. I saw a straw hat I really liked too but money I had on me was already gone!
On the same mall they had Fi.n.t, before Japan Fi.n.t used to be my favorite non-Lolita Japanese brand but I didn't like the store in person, don't get me wrong, the staff was fine, but the stores were really empty and the website has so much more stuff, weird right? I didn't buy a single thing from them!

And lastly, I'm not sure which day I bought those I just remember it was in Osaka, the tights are from a store in Namba and the mini photo album I bought at Tsutaya, not on the same day I bought the AP mook.

Way too Sweet for my style but couldn't resist them.

And that's basically all we did on that day, looking at the things I bought it doesn't seem like it but I walked so much and it was such a tiresome day. I keep forgetting to include items so I'll put them on my next post: the last day in Osaka and first day in Hiroshima!

Thank you for reading ♡


  1. I know that Spa World has a tattoo ban, but last time I went there I was next to a Japanese (!) woman with a massive bandage over her leg. She was walking fine, which could only mean one thing - she was hiding her tattoo. Nobody bothered her, neither other guests nor staff, and Westerners get away with that even more. I always just covered mine up with a plaster, be it a traditional onsen or a modern hotel one, and I was never turned away. Mind you, if they did I would've argued my point, because not only language skills, but my I've done my dissertation on tattoos in Japan, but I still say that if you're a Westerner and your tattoo can be covered up with something, then just hide it, you're not harming anyone and the old stereotypes need to die out sooner rather than later. Also, for future reference, if you're really not comfortable just breaking that rule, use to find places that do allow tattooed customers in.

    Never been to Abeno shopping centre, but after that I'll have to look it up when I'm in Japan next Easter, thank you for the recommendation. :D

    1. I can't believe we only clicked about the bandage trick later on that day! It could totally have worked! Next time for sure! And thank you for that link, I didn't know about it. Thank you for commenting here :)

    2. Not many people outside of Japan, or even in Japan, know about it, but it is very useful. Fairly depressing when you look at the reality it reflects, but still useful :)

  2. Ai, que inveja dessas camisas T T

    Já estou ansiosa pelos seus outs com elas ^^

    1. São muito versáteis! Vou usar até não poder mais :)

  3. Ahhh as camisas *-* E esse modelo de vestido da Liz Lisa é perfeito ♥

    1. E fica bom nas mais altinhas! Lá as coisas eram tão minusculas e curtas que foi uma surpresa achar um vestido assim ^u^