Thursday, August 25, 2016

Japan Trip Day 6: Exploring Kyoto ♡

On our first full day Kyoto we squeezed as much as we could on our schedule. Starting with Nishiki Market, a long covered street with tons of little shops selling mostly traditional items and street food. Like baby octopuses on a stick and colorful wagashi (traditional Japanese confectionery).

Bought some of the pretty wagashi.
We found a Wego on our way there. I was so happy to find the pink glittery key-chain that was sold out elsewhere. I'm using it for my room's key. Bought a little heart brooch too, love everything that glitters.

Somewhere close to the market there was a drug store where I found the cute Minnie and Daisy false lashes.

Soon we were off to Gion, also known as "the geisha district", bare in mind that it was Sunday, the place was crowded as hell so we didn't explore much.

I really don't recommend visiting this place on a Sunday, it's nice to see the Japanese people wearing their kimonos and yukatas but there were way too many people and the Summer heat didn't help.
By the way I think Japanese girls look their prettiest wearing the traditional clothes, the men look good too, but kimonos and hair up-dos with flowers make the Japanese women look so beautiful. However, when it's a non-Asian trying to pull off that look it's just lame, in my opinion.

I did some shopping in Kyoto too, Angelic Pretty wasn't far from Gion-shijo station.

The Kyoto store is gorgeous, it's all hot pink and has a more mature vibe. I was treated just fine by the staff and got myself some accessories.

Charlotte's Bear Badge Ribbon brooch in black, gorgeous, perfect to pair with my Heart Party JSK from Baby, Charlotte's Bear JSK is on my wishlist and I'm open for the black colorway so that's good too. This kind of brooch is really versatile, you can pin them to your beret, your dress, etc got myself the Melt Crown Chocolate brooch in pink to expand my chocolate inventory and British Stripe ankle socks for my, then recently acquired, University OP.

I wasn't looking for Sanrio but since we found it I had to take a look and one thing leads to the other:

I've been really into My Melody lately, it was probably the character I got the most merch of in Japan.

Got a Cinnamoroll watch I've been wanting since I saw it on their website, paper clips, stationery, etc.

Our hotel was close to Fushimi Inari, so we went back there, left all the shopping bags and walked to the temple. It wasn't until we got there that I realized what we were up too.

The place is huge, the tori path is built on a mountain and it takes time and energy to climb to the top. 

We only made it to the second view point, it was already getting dark, we were exhausted, but in my opinion Fushimi Inari is one of Japan's must-visit places and I do intend to go back there someday and climb the rest of that mountain.

After that we went back to the hotel, I was really sore from all the walking, which I did on flip-flops, dumb me didn't care to bring a comfortable pair of shoes. Looking back it seems that we did little but I still have fresh in my mind how we pushed ourselves to do as much as we could.

Thank you for reading ♡

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  1. That keychain is way too cute!! WEGO has really nice stuff, I want one of they bags SO BAD (that one with a see through heart).

    Looks like you had a really nice day ♡