Monday, September 19, 2016

Japan Trip Days 7 and 8: Goodbye Kyoto and Hello Hamamatsu ♡

The 7th day in Japan was also the last day in Kyoto, we decided to visit Kinkaku-ji "The Gold Temple", it was really far from our hotel, we spent more time getting there than actually being there. It's only a view, a pretty one I must say, but since it was Summer it wasn't as pretty you know?

We basically took pictures and bought matcha ice cream we found selling there and then had to run back to check-out of our hotel.

After we went to the JR station and took the shinkansen to Hamamatsu, a small city in Shizuoka prefecture, we were going to spend almost a week there. My boyfriend's aunt lives in that city that's why, but we had many things planned for our stay!

I was really excited to go to Hamamatsu, because I had months and months of Lolita shopping there, many boxes were waiting for me, some of those things were there for over a year believe me or not.

There were my Milk gold bag, my BTSSB basket bag, my Amavel shell bag, Misty Sky OP, which I managed to grab on this years re-release, Melty Cream Doughnuts skirt, Fancy Paper Dolls, Drained Cherry, Royal Unicorn, Chelsea Ribbon shoes from Angelic Pretty, etc. So much brand, it was really satisfying to open all those boxes after so much wait.

On that day we didn't have much to do so we went explore Hamamatsu shopping malls, it's impressive how in Japan even small cities have those really cool stores.

On the following day we did the same, went to malls and stores, shopped a little and took some rest because the first week was way too tiring. We went to Uniqlo, Muji, Mega Donki, etc.

Here are the things I remember purchasing on those days:

Sailor Moon stationery (I'm in love with those paperclips), Jinbesan's letter set and pastel tape.

Grabbed a few things at Muji, mostly snacks that didn't survive the picture and little presents. I really recommend the matcha marshmallows they are sooo yummy, had I known that I'd have brought more with me.

Beautiful stickers I got from Loft. The longer I take to write those posts the worst it is to remember what we did and what I bought on each day.

On the second day I got two Sanrio t-shirts from Uniqlo and a mint cardigan from H&M.

A few more itens I bought on the same day.
Cosmetics from Mega Donki and hand-cream and pin from Disney Store.
And that's pretty much what we did, during our whole trip we spent a lot of time shopping, sometimes it seems that's all we did all the time and it's impressive how much time shopping takes when you are travelling in Japan. Next post will be a lot less like that I promise!

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Friday, September 9, 2016

Mimi Party 2016 and life updates ♡

Hello everyone! I know I'm behind with my Japan posts, truth is I haven't been feeling motivated to write them although, eventually, I'll carry on with them. In the mean time let me keep you updated on the most recent events.

Last Sunday I attended Mimi Party 2016, a big event to celebrate kawaii culture held by Brazil's Kawaii Ambassador. I arrived late and didn't stay too long, spent most of my time there socializing with friends I hadn't seen in a while and I didn't even buy anything because I was too busy catching up with fellow lolitas.

Even though many lolitas attended the event, there was a surprising number of "normal people" this year, enough to outnumber the lolitas! And several lolitas there were completely new faces to me, not sure if because they are indeed new in the community or came from different cities just to attend the event.

Picture from Mimi Party's official page.
It doesn't seem like it on the picture above but the place where Mimi Party happened was packed! So many people attended in comparison to it's previous editions!

Serving boob-loaf realness. Please ignore whatever I had going on my foot.
Whenever I'm busy chatting with people I forget to eat so I only had Tea Kettle's pink iced-tea which was good as always although pricey and a macaron filled with green tea ice cream from Sweet Deli which was also delicious! Thanks to my boyfriend who got it for me otherwise I wouldn't have eaten anything at all!

I decided to wear my University OP and hug winter goodbye. Being the crazy perfectionist I am no need to say that there were many things I resent on my outfit.

Time to nit-pick myself: wore the same wig again, tried to make my eyebrows match the color for once, failed. Plain legwear, rings don't match but it would be that or no accessories at all. Couldn't find any of my sports bra on the occasion, had to wear padded bra with a dress that requires a chest as flat as possible, etc, etc, etc. Dress, beret brooch and biscuit ring are Angelic Pretty, tights are Wego, shoes are Unicorn Holic, bag is Amavel with Tokyo Disney Sea charm.

Managed a selfie.
Didn't stay long at Mimi Party 2016 but had a good time and despite being so hard on myself and my coords I loved wearing University OP, such a comfortable dress, the cotton is very breathable.

Now a few life updates! Scored a few items since I got back from Japan! The first two I still need to get shipped here, probably on my birthday in October:

I'm obsessed with Milk bags, they are such a great investment, look at this gorgeous color!

Wishlist tights! I always keep an eye out for chocolate items, my collection is still a baby but I'm working on it!

And here's a little something-something I already have in my hands because for the first time ever I bought locally! My friend send me a message offering her Lotta, which as you might know, is one of my dream dresses. I paid her as quickly as possible and in less than a week I had the dress with me!

Nope, it's not the blue one! But as I mentioned before I would be more than happy with the pink one as well. So that leave me with only four dream dresses to hunt down!

Another thing I'd like to share is that I've been trying to wear j-fashion more often since I got back from Japan. On Wednesday it was a holiday and I attempted otome-kei to spend the day out with my boyfriend.

Emily Temple Cute Plushie print OP with Fi.n.t shoes, Angelic Pretty Melty Spoon necklace, Swimmer bag and off-brand navy cardigan and tights.
Otome is so much more forgiving than Lolita, I felt good in this outfit, I could ditch the wig, the pressure I put on myself when it comes to Lolita, my crazy high standards that I'll never reach.
I'll try to wear Otome as much as I can from now on and my wallet is ready to invest on more ETC and Leur Getter.
I still love Lolita, but Otome is much more wearable and makes me feel good about myself so Lolita won't be getting my exclusive attention anymore.

One last thing before I get back to Japan posts: I'll be attending Bows Lolita Convention in Santiago, Chile in November! I'll spend five days in Chile and it will be my first time there! Rin Rin and Misako Aoki are special guests of the event so I'm thrilled! Can't wait to meet them!

Thank you for reading ♡