Monday, September 19, 2016

Japan Trip Days 7 and 8: Goodbye Kyoto and Hello Hamamatsu ♡

The 7th day in Japan was also the last day in Kyoto, we decided to visit Kinkaku-ji "The Gold Temple", it was really far from our hotel, we spent more time getting there than actually being there. It's only a view, a pretty one I must say, but since it was Summer it wasn't as pretty you know?

We basically took pictures and bought matcha ice cream we found selling there and then had to run back to check-out of our hotel.

After we went to the JR station and took the shinkansen to Hamamatsu, a small city in Shizuoka prefecture, we were going to spend almost a week there. My boyfriend's aunt lives in that city that's why, but we had many things planned for our stay!

I was really excited to go to Hamamatsu, because I had months and months of Lolita shopping there, many boxes were waiting for me, some of those things were there for over a year believe me or not.

There were my Milk gold bag, my BTSSB basket bag, my Amavel shell bag, Misty Sky OP, which I managed to grab on this years re-release, Melty Cream Doughnuts skirt, Fancy Paper Dolls, Drained Cherry, Royal Unicorn, Chelsea Ribbon shoes from Angelic Pretty, etc. So much brand, it was really satisfying to open all those boxes after so much wait.

On that day we didn't have much to do so we went explore Hamamatsu shopping malls, it's impressive how in Japan even small cities have those really cool stores.

On the following day we did the same, went to malls and stores, shopped a little and took some rest because the first week was way too tiring. We went to Uniqlo, Muji, Mega Donki, etc.

Here are the things I remember purchasing on those days:

Sailor Moon stationery (I'm in love with those paperclips), Jinbesan's letter set and pastel tape.

Grabbed a few things at Muji, mostly snacks that didn't survive the picture and little presents. I really recommend the matcha marshmallows they are sooo yummy, had I known that I'd have brought more with me.

Beautiful stickers I got from Loft. The longer I take to write those posts the worst it is to remember what we did and what I bought on each day.

On the second day I got two Sanrio t-shirts from Uniqlo and a mint cardigan from H&M.

A few more itens I bought on the same day.
Cosmetics from Mega Donki and hand-cream and pin from Disney Store.
And that's pretty much what we did, during our whole trip we spent a lot of time shopping, sometimes it seems that's all we did all the time and it's impressive how much time shopping takes when you are travelling in Japan. Next post will be a lot less like that I promise!

Thank you for reading ♡


  1. Estou adorando a série de posts! Quanta coisa linda! Deve ter sido maravilhoso chegar na tia do seu namorado e ver esse mar de burando <3

    1. Fooooi pq algumas dessas coisas tavam lá a mais de ano!!! Obrigada fico feliz que vc gostou dos meus posts do Japão <3 faltam só uns vinte hahaha então devem continuar por um bom tempo!

  2. ahh it must of been so exciting to finally open all your goodies that were waiting there! The letter set is so cute <3

    1. Yes!!! I couldn't wait any longer omg! Thank you I'm in love with Jinbesan, this character deserves more love :3

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