Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Classical Meeting ♡

Last Sunday my friend Layla was one of the hosts of a Classical Meeting, although I'm more of a Sweet Lolita myself, I think some of my outfits can be considered Sweet-Classic. And I had the perfect dress for the occasion! Naturally I wanted to wear Lotta, my recently acquired dream dress and only Innocent World dress, which happens to be Layla's favorite brand.

I look so tan on the picture! Blouse and straw hat are Amavel, OTKs are Angelic Pretty, bag is MILK, ring is Baby, The Stars Shine Bright and necklace is Axes Femme.

I also tried to do my best when applying my make-up.

I wore that one wig again, but at least I didn't keep feeling bad about it like with the one I wore on my birthday. I was happy with my outfit and make-up for once. I'm still unsure about the OTKs, I'm not used to them, it was my second time wearing this type of socks.

I always liked the blue Lotta the best but after wearing the pink one my heart is so set on this colorway I feel very lucky to own it. I love how the dress fits me too.

The meet was very fun! I had the chance to see and talk to so many friends I've missed, some of them I hadn't seen since Easter! There were a lot of new girls too but I mainly talked to people I already knew. This time however, Ana Carolina was able to attend the meet, we've known each other online for a while and recently met but it was the first time we attended the same event.

I find it really weird how my dress is covering my knee on this picture. I'm an Angelic Pretty girl and I'm not used to that hahaha. Anyway, it was great to see you Ana. Mayara also snapped this picture of us!

Su also attended the meeting, even though she is a Sweet and Gothic lolita.

My good friend Bianca was there, wearing this awesome outfit that I can't even explain and I forgot to take a picture with her.

Mayara's picture.
Layla was gorgeous! Her outfits keep getting better and better, she has great eye! This picture doesn't do justice to how polished her look was.

Both Ana and Layla wore the same dress! Poodles and conjoined deer twins --'. Thank you for nothing Innocent World.

Another amazingly fun afternoon! I love my current Lolita life ♡

New Japan posts coming soon! And blog has a Facebook page now :)

Thank you for reading ♡


  1. O meeting foi muito legal! Adorei te ver novamente! Estava lindíssima!
    Já estou procurando a página do blog para seguir :)
    Tomara que dê para você ir ao Halloween também!

    1. Obrigada! Espero que eu possa ir mas talvez eu tenha que trabalhar :(

  2. Sweet Classic is a fantastic look, so wearable and adorable - and convenient for someone like me who always forgets to put on some accessories and I might only remember like one or two. I like the look you have here, all of it, it ties together so well. And it does look like a fun meet you've had there, it's so nice to catch up with people.


    1. I'm the same when it comes to accessories, I often don't wear more than a couple of rings! Thank you <3