Thursday, October 13, 2016

Japan Trip Day 9: Nukamori no mori and Hamamatsu Flower Park ♡

The 9th in Japan was left to explore Hamamatsu's finest: a hobbit-like "village" called Nukamori no mori and a certain flower park, since they were close to each other we decided to visit both on the same day. We started with the Ghibli-looking village. We spent at least 40 minutes to get there but we found the place! I think this was the closest we got from country Japan because this place was in the middle of "nowhere".

The place consisted of little souvenir shops, a cafe and a restaurant, everything was adorable.

That day was the first day in Japan that I attempted to dress cute. But it was really really hot and my face and hair suffered the consequences.

Wore my Le Carrousel sailor skirt (petticoat and all), Fi.n.t chocolate bar t-shirt which is so ridiculously adorable that I think is one of the prettiest pieces of clothing I currently own, my beloved Milk bag and dusty pink Converse shoes with lacy ankle socks.

Wish we could've had lunch at their restaurant but it was closed at the time so I got a couple of macarons from the cafe.

I loved exploring Nukamori no mori, wish I had a better camera on me at the occasion.

We then headed to the flower park, I didn't know what to expect but the place exceeded any expectation I could've had. Starting at the entrance: it was free, we were greeted by an elderly Japanese man who was not only really nice to us but also spoke perfect English (I'm not a native speaker so to me it was perfect), this man who was probably on his late 70's and worked on the outskirts of Hamamatsu, Shizuoka spoke the most polished English I've heard during my whole stay in Japan. He offered us parasols to protect us from the sun, we didn't have to rent them or anything they were just there for anyone who was visiting the park to grab. At the entrance there was also a large building with a souvenir shop and some restaurants.

The park was huge, full of flowers, gardens and a big greenhouse. You could either walk to the greenhouse or take a train ride for only 100 yen.

I decided to ride the train. The view was breath-taking I can't even imagine what is this park on Spring.

The train stopped when it reached the greenhouse, we walked to the entrance, there was a beautiful double wooden door with metallic ornaments. I stepped forward, the door automatchly slid open. I gasped.

This is what you see when the doors open, Classical music playing and gorgeous flowers.

The greenhouse was divided in different ambiences, the first room was the one on the pictures above, it was cooler there to keep the flowers alive, it was also smaller but when we walked through the door that led to largest part of the greenhouse everything felt oddly...familiar?

The heat, the music playing, the was a Brazilian garden!

It was a piece of Brazil right there in Japan, the train driver explained in Japanese that they change the themes every season. I later asked why Brazil was chosen and he said it was because of the Olympics, naturally. And since it was Summer the weather did feel a lot like in Brazil, they did a great job replicating what would be a Brazilian garden.

The following section was a Balinese garden.

And the last one was a Mexican garden with the most amazing cactuses I've ever seen in my life.

We saw gorgeous flowers outside the greenhouse too. I need to visit this park during cherry blossom season someday! It must be a sight for sore eyes. I've seen some pictures on Google and they're just surreal.

Before leaving the beautiful park we bought fruit popsicles the old man recommend to us and they were delicious!

And of course we couldn't leave without taking a look on the souvenir shop where everything was super floral.

I found a cute jewelry box of my liking and it was only 300 yen. It's where I keep my most precious accessories.

And that's all we did on that day! It was one my favorite days in Japan and it goes to show that in Japan even the small cities have great things to offer!

Thank you for reading ♡


  1. Quanta coisa linda!!!! E essa caixinha é super fofa <3

    1. É fofinha né?? E foi super baratinha ela :)