Sunday, October 9, 2016

My birthday meeting ♡

Wasn't this weekend eventful? My birthday on Saturday and the Classical Meeting on Sunday, and since I decided to throw a mini meeting for my birthday (taking advantage that this year it didn't happen to be on a weekday) I got to wear Lolita twice!

I had some real birthday luck this year: on the week before I found my ULTIMATE dream dress on Closet Child and was fast enough to grab it. Even though I paid above retail the price was still very much on my budget, specially considering that it was not only a dream dress but my ultimate dream dress, if I had to choose any dress to have it would be that one and I was willing to pay even more. I'm talking about the green Toy March JSK by the way. A few days later Angelic Pretty dropped the bomb: Melty Cream Doughnuts, nothing less than Melty Cream Doughnuts (!!!) was going to be re-released on the very day of my birthday. Great, but now I didn't have enough money left so I didn't even bother messaging Chibi Tenshi and asking her to grab me a dress. MDC is also one of my dream dresses and I own the skirt in pink, I love the series so much, the OP, the regular JSK, the colorways. But since I got the skirt I've been eyeing the mint JSK. The skirt is way to short and being 1,72 (5.6) I can't even put on a petticoat underneath so it is only for casual wear.When the clock hit midnight on October 8th my boyfriend handed me an envelope.

I read the beautiful message on the back of the picture and then he ordered the mint JSK for me *u*. Luckily we didn't need a shopping service, seems like people only cared for the OP, otherwise this could have gone terribly wrong. I really liked the sax colorway they've put out too and I do think the OP is the most beautiful cut but also the least versatile one so I'm more than happy with the mint JSK.

This leaves me with only two dream dresses left to hunt down, unbelievable. I did say in the beginning of the year that I had plans to get some of my dream dresses in 2016 but getting Petit Patisserie, Misty Sky, Lotta, Melty Cream Doughnuts and Toy March by October was beyond any expectation. 2017 will be the year of Lucky Key and, hopefully, Honey Cake (this one won't be easy, I know).

However, my two newest dresses and a couple of bags are still in Japan though and I need to figure out how to get them safely to shady Brazil.

Carrying on. I didn't plan much for my birthday this year, but being on a Saturday, I had to invited a few girls to go out in "sky/space themed outfits" and eat some sweets. I picked that theme because, other than being a great theme that everyone likes, I wanted to wear my brand-new Misty Sky.

I put together a simple coord, I don't like wearing prints in a way that is too "predictable" but since it was my first time wearing this dress I think it is okay to go all matchy-macthy. There's only so much you can do with a long-sleeve OP, so I just added shoes, accessories and a bag. The outfit was decent but the only cute socks I had to go with it were ankle socks and Misty Sky OP is already pretty short on me so I was serving way too much leg.

My face was hideously deformed on this picture but it shows the outfit well so: OP, obviously Angelic Pretty, bag Angelic Pretty, Chocomint headbow and ring, Oh Candy! moon and star accessories, Unicorn Holic shoes and off-brand glitter hair bows and socks. I also attempted a very glittery look for my make-up using some products I bought in Japan.

I didn't like my wig choice this time, the bangs bothered me all day long and my make-up didn't turn out great either. The dress was indeed very short to wear with ankle socks and my legs are full of bruises but I didn't care much about that. I'm in desperate need of new wigs, I keep going back to my two favorite ones and it's getting boring already but when I try wearing my other wigs I end up feeling self-conscious about them --' I'll do Misty Sky justice next time. Just wanna add that University OP, my other long-sleeve OP, is waaaay more comfortable, polyester sucks.

We decided on Moti Moti Cake Shop to meet at and had so much room for ourselves on the second floor, away from curious stares, it was a really fun afternoon. Unfortunately not everyone was able to attend. But I was really happy to see Victoria, Layla and Hana there, we ate delicious treats and spent the whole afternoon chatting and taking pictures. They all came in themed outfits (I suggested that the ones that didn't own any sky/space/etc print could come in navy).

Me, Hana, Layla and Victoria ♡
I didn't take many pictures with my own phone because on Hana's we looked so much better, washed out by some Asian app she has.

We were all wearing similar-looking indie brand shoes. I love Layla's red shoes, I'm ordering similar ones from the same brand soon.

Hana and I are both AP-lovers and we have about eight prints in common!

Now the pictures Hana and Vic took:

I'm so grateful to have such wonderful friends, they also brought me really thoughtful presents, Layla gave me a doughnuts shopping bag and a watermelon bath sponge because she's aware of my doughnut obsession. Vic gave me a gorgeous Marie Antoinette notebook that she bought in Paris and Hana said something went wrong with her gift (I think I know what) but she took many polaroids of us and gave them to me. Thank you so much girls!

It was my first time visiting Moti Moti Cake Shop and I really enjoyed! I had melon pan, iced matcha and strawberry choux cream.

I had a wonderful birthday this year! Thank you to everyone who was part of it!

Thank you for reading ♡


  1. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :) I hope you had a wonderful day!

    I am so envious of you getting Melty cream doughnut, the pink colour way is on my wish list. My ultimate dream dress in Romantic Rose letter in Pink or Lavender although I am yet to acquire it. It never comes up, so I am still waiting to get my hands on it.

    1. thank you! Romantic Rose Letter is on my wishlist! I might be wrong but I do believe AP will re-release it in the near future so don't lose hope :)

  2. Audrey! As always you and your friends look gorgeous!Good look chasing down Honey Cake! I'm in love with sky prints too and you totally rocks Misty Sky!

    1. Thank you so much ^u^ I'm gonna need all the luck in this world to get my hands on Honey Cake but I won't lose hope :3