Friday, June 16, 2017

Daydream Bed: JSK and OP ♡

There aren't many prints out there that were love at the first sight for me. Honey Cake, Toy March, Melty Cream Doughnuts are a few I can name but even Lucky Key didn't get my attention when it was released let alone anything that came up in the last couple of seasons.

When I saw the first picture of Daydream Bed I knew I wanted it. The tea party exclusive OP became one of dream dresses the moment I laid my eyes on it.

But it was tea party exclusive and I didn't attend the tea party. Now I had to wait for the general release of the print and hope for the best.

Initially, when the first pictures came out, I was disappointed, I wasn't expecting the special grayish blue colorway but I thought maybe the OPs would have the same cut. They didn't. Plus none of the colorways were half as pretty as the tea party exclusive OP.

I really loved the print so I decided to get the black JSK, I wasn't too fond of the ivory and the pink was way too Sweet for me. It was decided "I'll get the black and make it work since I know I'll never be able to get the blue OP" better than leaving empty-handed.

To make sure I wouldn't miss the release, since I didn't know how popular the black JSK was going to be I used a shopping service. The black JSK ended up being the least popular cut and color and my SS grabbed me the ivory JSK which was my second choice. Even though I knew the ivory was more popular I decided to stick with my personal favorite and she managed to get me the black one. Had I known there were going to be loads of black JSKs left I wouldn't have needed to use a shopping service but yeah...better safe than sorry.

A few weeks later I find a picture on Instagram of a girl selling Daydream Bed and Misty Sky tea party exclusive OPs. I contacted her and everything was dealt by e-mail. I was afraid but the girl was a kawaii ambassador so I thought I could trust her reputation and bought the entire Daydream Bed set.

Turns out the dress got here really fast, no taxes, perfect, brand new with tags and all, so, thank you Ruby it was a pleasure doing business with you.

It was probably the most expensive dress I've ever bought so far but that's okay, I actually think it was a very reasonable price for a new, with tags, full set of something that wasn't released to the general pubic so I'm very satisfied.

And I decided to keep the black JSK too, why not? I even had shoes custom made with the black dress in mind and I grew to like the black JSK as well.

The OP is wrinkled on the pictures but I don't have an iron or steamer in my house yet (I moved recently). I love the cut and color of the OP. It fits a lot better than my Misty Sky OP and it's not nearly as short which I'm so thankful for. Sometimes I really regret not getting Misty Sky's JSK instead. Of course the Daydream Bed JSK is way more comfortable but the fit of the OP is fine by me specially when compared to MS.

One thing I didn't like on the general release is that the shade of pink used on the chest and waist ribbons for the black and ivory colorways clashes with the pink on the print which is very dusty and has a purple undertone. That doesn't happen with the blue OP which has a pale pink detachable and waist ribbon, or with the pink dresses that have blue ribbons instead. However, the bows on the black JSK seem more well-made and stay in place which makes things a lot easier for us, mere mortals, who don't possess perfect bow-tying skills.

The JSK also has beautiful lace similar to the one used on Melty Cream Doughnuts.

The tights that came with the OP are thankfully the off-white ones so I can wear them with both dresses.

I also prefer the headdress of the general release although I didn't buy the black one. From what I've seen in the stock photos they look more well-made than tea party exclusive's. The design is different and prettier too, in my opinion.

I also didn't like that neither the blue of the sleeping mask or the gray ribbon are the exact shade of the dress which doesn't seem to happen with the general release. The organza bow does not meet my quality standards either but I'm glad I have the whole set nonetheless because that blue is very unusual so I won't find many items out there to match.

Best release of 2017 so far. I'm a huge fan of Imai Kira's art work and I love her collabs with AP. Charlotte's Bear is high up on my wishlist too!

I'm very happy with my Daydream Bed collection. Maybe one day I'll have Honey Cake and Lucky Key too and finally all of my dream dresses will be hanging in my closet.

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Monday, June 5, 2017

Daydream Bed and macarons ♡

Hello! I've been absent for so long but I'll be posting more often from now on because I have finally moved to a cute little apartment. I'm very happy and many exciting things are yet to come.

Last weekend was International Lolita Day so my friends and I decided to visit a place that I had previously gone by myself and out of Lolita, it's near my new house.

D'Macarons started as a food truck, I've had their macarons a couple of times before I came across their recently opened shop. First thing I thought when I entered the place "my girls and I gotta come here asap!" so that was the plan for ILD.

Unfortunately I had a few problems on that day so I ended up with little time to get ready, luckily I had picked my outfit in advance. The girls and I met up at my house and they kindly waited for me to put some make-up on.

I need to take my time when applying my make-up. I managed to, very successfully, put on false eyelashes but everything else didn't work and I couldn't disguise my dark circles and tired face or brush my wig properly or paint my nails. But other than that I was happy with the overall result.

Above picture was taken in my "Lolita Room". The apartment I'm living at has two bedrooms: one where my boyfriend and I sleep and keep our normal clothes and a second room, which as every other part of the house is still a work in progress, it's gonna be my little sanctuary. Said room and the kitchen will be probably the first ones I'll finish decorating and furnishing.

Before leaving my building we took some overly kawaii selfies.

The girls loved D'Macarons. The decor is tasteful and has so much attention to details, everything is pink and adorable without being overdone.

I realize now I should've taken more pictures for this post, but you cand find a few more on my Facebook page from the first time I visited their shop.

We ordered three macarons each. I chose Strawberry & Chandon, Popcorn and Banana. Layla chose Red Berries, Dulce de Leche and Pistachio and Hana Amarena, Tiramisu and Strawberry & Chandon as well. They also ordered croissants and the three of us shared a teapot of some chocolate-y infusion that I can't recall the name.

There were so many different flavors on display! From exotic Brazilian fruits to flowers!

From the ones I tried there wasn't a single one I didn't like. They were all amazing but my favorite was Strawberry & Chandon, which is what I would describe my Lolita aesthetics if it was a macaron.

Hana and I didn't love the tea though but Layla did! I'm more into fruity infusions, we'll try a different one next time!

It was nice that the three of us were wearing new and long awaited pieces. I have finally crossed the pink macaron necklace from Q-pot out of my wishlist, Hana has the same necklace so one more item for our twinning collection!

I also had the chance to wear by black Daydream Bed JSK that I bought on the release. I'll have to write a separate post on that print and why I love it so much.

JSK: Angelic Pretty and Imai Kira collab
Blouse: Amavel
Necklace: Q-pot
Bag: Milk with My Melody charm
Shoes: Cotton Candy Feet
Headbow: Forever 21
Others: off-brand 

As I said before, other than hair and make-up I'm very satisfied with this look. The bag is the newest in my Milk collection. The gold one is probably my favorite and most worn bag and I can't wait to take my red one out. I still want it in black and maybe lavender! The shoes are Cotton Candy Feet and I ordered them with this dress in mind. The bow was a great find at Forever 21! It goes really well with my Petit Patisserie too!

Layla and Hana were wearing prints that I well know were on the top of their wishlist too, I'm so happy that they were able to get them.

D'Macarons's staff was not only very nice to us but also really excited about our outfits! They asked us for a picture behind their macaron counter and had many questions about Lolita without ever being rude or judgmental about it. They said they hope to see us there again soon.

Before leaving we took some polaroids with Hana's Instax Wide and bought a few more macarons to take home. I brought Strawberry & Chandon and Rose Water, sadly I wasn't very careful with them and they arrived broken :/

We were not ready to say bye to each other yet so we headed to a 50's inspired burger joint nearby called Zé do Hamburger.

We were not super hungry so we shared a basket of french fries with cherry lemonade.

Their decor is perfect for a 50's/Pin-up inspired meet-up and for Hana's Diner Doll.

It was already night when we went our separate ways but it was certainly one of the best times I went out in Lolita, can't wait to go back to those and other amazing places with them <3

And finally some mementos of the day. Hana gave me an Imai Kira postcard, it's like the three of us on the illustration besides me being twice their height haha.

Despite a few bad things here and there I've never been so happy with Lolita like I am now, I might not attend as many open meet-ups as before but I sure as hell won't stop wearing it anytime soon.

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Monday, March 27, 2017

Mini meet-up with friends ♡

I've been wearing Lolita for three years now. This is my 4th year in the fashion and so much has changed. Things I said I would never wear or buy and now I do: back when I started I used to say "I'll never pay over retail for an item", "I'll never wear Lolita without tights 'cause I'm too tall", "I'll never wear Lolita without a wig". Back in my first year as a Lolita I would attend every single meet-up I was invited to and as the years passed I started to get more and more selective.

In 2017 I decided that I do want to wear Lolita as often as possible but I won't be attending as many meetings and events as before. I think I'll only go to open events that are organized by people I like (Erika, Layla, Amy, etc) and if they happen in a place I feel comfortable at. As I made closer friends in the community I discovered that I'd rather be in a small group. The big events in our comm are great and I still attend some from time to time just not as much as before.

So last Saturday my friends and I decided to meet at our headquarters (Moti Moti Cake Shop) since the weather finally started to get cooler, thank God seriously, and now we can wear Lolita without actually suffering. The struggle of being a Lolita in Brazil is something that I guess only Australians lolitas can understand. We feel you sisters, it ain't easy.

Coincidentally around this time of the year not only I reach three years of wearing Lolita but my friends too! Anyway we had a super cool and sweet-filled afternoon planned.

Since this year started every time I say I'm gonna need my Lolita clothes my boyfriend suffers. OCD me still can't find an apartment that meets the standards so all of my stuff is still at my boyfriends and he had to search for all the bits I needed to put a coord together, poor him. He managed to find most of what I asked but socks and some accessories. Luckily I had a pair of frilly ankle socks in my house that go with almost every outfit.

When I put everything together I was pleasantly surprised that OCD me liked the final product. Yep, could've used those silver glitter bow hair clips of mine and the pair of socks I asked for but poor boyfriend couldn't find (I don't blame him) and sure as hell would love me a red Milk bag but overall I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

I was wearing my Kiki cameo that I bought in Osaka (you can take a better look at it here) and I wanted to stick with the colors. Kiki's Delivery Service is my favorite Ghibli movie and I couldn't wait to wear that brooch. Many of the things I bought in Japan I still hadn't the chance to wear yet, sadly.

The dress is Lady Gingham by Angelic Pretty, so cute, I love all the colorways it's such a versatile piece. If I see it in black for a good deal I'll make sure to grab it. The beret, the cardigan and the socks are off-brand. The bag is also AP and the shoes are Cotton Candy Feet and no picture does justice to their sparkle. I was also wearing a glitter heart brooch from WEGO and a red and blue ring from AP. I forgot to ask my boyfriend to bring me eyelashes so my make-up looks kinda plain but when it doesn't.

First time wearing that wig too, it looks a little bit shiny to my taste but I love how my eyebrows match for once haha. I painted my nails navy blue for the occasion too.

We shared many sweet treats at Moti Moti. One of them being a chocolate Hokkaido chiffon cake with strawberry.

We left a few hours later to go to Häagen-Dazs. We've been wanting to share their fondue for a while. The only problem is that the store was in a shopping mall.
Most of my insecurities have to do with me being extremely perfectionist but put me in Lolita at a shopping mall or other normie crowded place and you'll see my anxiety take over. I just can't deal with the stares. My friends in the other hand have a really thick skin when it comes to wearing Lolita in public, which is weird 'cause I'm the one with the loud and obnoxious personality.

Thankfully as soon as we got in the store I was able to relax and enjoy myself. We took some pictures together with Hana's kawaii apps. At that point I had given up on my updo.

The employees at Häagen-Dazs were really nice to us and one of the girls loved Hana's Princess Tiara bag from AP.

When we left the mall Layla went back to her house to spend some quality time with her husbando and I went to Hana's so we could watch a movie and hang out a little more.

I had so much fun with my friends. Too bad I forgot to take a picture but I got two presents on that day. My Toy March OTKs that Hana got for me on Christmas but her Mercari order only arrived recently and a brooch handmade by Layla that is soooo cute and I can't wait to wear. Needless to say brooches, pins, whatever are my favorite type of accessorie!

Hope I'll get to spend more time with them soon!

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Valentine's Day Meeting 2017 ♡

I don't think I'll be attending many meet-ups this year but I sure wouldn't miss the first and one of the most important Lolita events around here. Last year we didn't have a Valentine's meeting so I was really glad the girls were able to organize one this year. It was also a twinning meeting so we spend a long time planning our coords.
When I first heard we were supposed to twin the first person that came to my mind was Hana because we have 8 prints in common. But then Helo asked me if we would like to go as Cherry Squad since we all have Angelic Pretty cherry prints in the lavender colorway.
Helo has Wrapping Cherry special set, I have Drained Cherry and Hana has Cherry Marguerite. The only problem is that Drained Cherry is my shortest dress so I just wear it as a casual dress. But Helo is a lot shorter than me so she came up with the idea that we should switch dresses for the meet since her dress is longer and mine wouldn't be as short on her.

Our Valentine's Day happened at Le Pain (the same place as the Classical Meeting) and as expecteted it was packed with lolitas, I heard people saying that there 70 of us there!

I loveeeed wearing Helo's Wrapping Cherry, the cut is a lot more flattering on me than DC. I have no credit for this coord since I was wearing Helo's dress, hairclip and her Honey Cinnamon bag and Hana's daisy and heart hairclips. The Innocent World blouse, AP ring, My Melody charm, shoes and socks are mine though.

The best thing about my coord was my nails. I got gel nails done the day before to match the lavender.

The design is similar from when I got gel nails in Japan but this time I chose lavender tips with gold glitter and more stones! I got them done at Blitz Nails, unfortunately I cannot recommend them since 4 days later the gel peeled off leaving half of one nail naked, the following day one of the stones fell off, then two more stones and then the gel of two more nails peeled off and it ended up lasting less than a regular manicure. It's not worth the money if doesn't last at least two weeks and I absolutely cannot compare it with the time I got my nails done in Japan, after a month they were still in pristine condition. My search for a good nail artist in Brazil continues...

At least they were good for the meeting so it wasn't a total waste. I really wanted to wear my heart with an arrow ring from Swimmer but I couldn't find it :(

And here are the Lavender Cherry triplets!

Hana was wearing AP with AP with some more AP and so was Helo.

The meeting itself was really fun although it was raining outside, hot and crowded inside and I couldn't enjoy myself as much because I've been so worried about life lately. There were many girls with drop dead gorgeous (bet you read that in Alyssa's voice) outfits too.

I decided to take part in the chocolate exchange even though I'm not a huge fan of chocolate and have a very particular and picky taste for it (which is ironic since I'm obsessed with chocolate themed items in Lolita). So I bought some Lindt which I know is well liked. During the chocolate exchange I spotted some candy so I just grabbed it and left 'cause my feet hurt and I had no intent to steal other girls precious chocolate.

I love this agar agar candy called Sweet Jelly, I ate the whole pack at once!

I didn't stay for the valentines reading because Hana and I were too tired and we wanted to go home so as everyone was taking group pictures outside I just opened the valentines box and got all of the ones that were for me hahaha, classy move but I promise I didn't read what wasn't mine.

Too bad I forgot to take a picture of the Little Twin Stars pin Helo gave to all the members of Cherry Squad. Cherry Squad will always be remembered dearly <3

Thank you everyone who sent me a valentine I'll love and treasure which one of them. Matter of fact I still have the ones I got sent at the 2015 Valentine's meet.

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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Last outfits from 2016 and life updates ♡

Hello everyone! I decided to make a post about a few things that happened in 2016 and I didn't mention here on my blog before I post any further 2017 related content.
First I need to give you guys some life updates: I'm changing schools, now I won't be studying Language & Literature anymore, I'm switching to Pedagogy. I'll also start working at a different school pretty soon and I'm moving out from home too. I have already emptied my room and everything I own is in boxes and plastic bags at my boyfriends house. Nothing is the same since 2017 started, that's why I couldn't carry on with my Japan posts for example. I'm in transition mode right now and until I settle down I'm not sure how often I'll be able to post. I just hope those changes are for the better because right now I feel scared and exhausted.

Anyways, 2016 was a pretty good year for me, I'm so happy on how far I've come as a lolita.

Here's the outfit I wore for an online contest, which didn't qualify me to the contest's final.

I didn't bother me though, I'm happy that by not participating other girls had the chance to win an Angelic Pretty JSK because many people can't afford it :)

Last year I realized how fun small meet ups are and I've had the chance to organize a few. As soon as I came back from Chile my friends and I went to Moti Moti Cake Shop in Lolita to talk about life and grab some dessert. On that day I put on my most last minute coord to this date and it ended up looking fine. Some people said on cgl that the outfit isn't Lolita though. It's basically a full set and I was wearing a petticoat but next time I should wear OTT to hang out with a couple of friends.

It was a casual coord for a small get together with friends. I specially love how my Q-pot necklace matches Petit Patisserie perfectly.

Coincidentally my friends also wore dessert prints, they both looked so cute!

And the color scheme of our outfits matched Moti Moti Cake Shop's store-front.

I'm immensely happy that although I've know Hana and Layla since I started wearing Lolita last year really brought us close together and now they are some of my closest friends in the scene. Who am I kidding? Hana-chan is basically my Lolita soulmate and I love her so much! Layla always has the most sensible points of view and always talk some sense into me. I'm glad to have a friend like her when there's so much immature behavior among lolitas.

December finally came and I hosted a small Christmas meet at my house. Layla and Hana helped me with everything and together we had an awesome afternoon!

We all worked together to make delicious food and cute decor for the occasion. We had raspberry lemonade, iced tea, sandwiches, guacamole, etc we even ended up forgetting to eat the strawberry tart Layla brought, she ended up leaving the whole tart to me and I felt bad that we didn't get to share it. Christmas happens during Summer here hence the menu wasn't very cohesive to the holiday.

I even dressed my doll to fit the theme. There was so much candy and delicious treats.

We just remembered taking pictures when it was already dark. But I wore my brand new Melty Cream Doughnuts JSK with a mint Emily Temple Cute blouse, AP accessories and a boater hat, I kept it simple because it was really hot. Hana wore her also recently acquired Belle Epoque Rose and Layla stuck to theme with a tartan OP.

And last year I finally had the chance to have my own Lolita Christmas tree during the last month of me having my room. I'd been saving my AP tags for that very reason.

It was an awesome year and I got to do so many things no wonder why it's being so hard to face my new reality. Things won't be the same but I hope they'll get better.

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