Monday, January 9, 2017

Bows Lolita Convention ♡

Hey everyone! Sorry I've been absent for so long, there's a lot going on and I'm in the middle of some major life changes. I'm also moving and that alone has been pretty nerve wrecking I spend most of my free time these days either apartment hunting or packing.

As some of you might know I traveled to Chile in November to attend Bows Lolita Convention. I was in Chile for five days and it was really awesome although I went through some stressful situations to get there (aka missed my flight) I'll tell you all the details on a separate post, this one is exclusively about the convention.

I learned about the event months before it happened so as soon as I came back from Japan I started to plan Chile. The event would have some special international guests being the main one Rin Rin Doll. a few months later they announced that Misako would also be a guest at the event and it was a really nice plus I was originally going to meet Rin Rin and now I had another great reason to go.

I don't worship Misako nor Rin Rin but I do respect and admire than a lot. It always seemed to me that only the foreign lolitas got to meet them, like it was something unreachable for the Brazilian community. I thought Chile would be the closest to my country they would ever be (although Misako did come do Brazil a few years ago I wasn't a lolita back then and I doubt she's coming back any time soon).

The event was on the day after my arrival so I was still exhausted and that reflected on my looks, no amount of concealer was enough to disguise my dark circles and I was just really tired and bloated hence why I look crap in the pictures.

I got up really early on the day and by noon I was ready to go. Our Airbnb was nearby but we took a cab to the venue, once we found the place my boyfriend took some outfit pictures for me and went have his own adventures. Since the ticket was pricey we saw no point for him to attend the event since he's not into J-fashion.

I wore my Eternal Carnival JSK for the first time, it is VERY different from what I usually go for but I liked it.

Dress, head-bow and OTKs are Angelic Pretty, bag is MILK, shoes are Cotton Candy Feet, blouse is Amavel and wrist-cuffs are Innocent World.

My make-up wasn't that different from the usual although I tried really hard to make it stand out, guess I'm too basic when it comes to make-up (maybe not only that).

The venue was called Palacio Astoreca and as the name suggests it was just like a palace with huge chandeliers hanging from the ceilings and big framed mirrors and all.

The event started quite early, some people paid for a VIP breakfast so they were there since 10h00 if I'm not mistaken, I arrived around 12h30 and the place wasn't crowded just yet. As soon as I walked through the door I saw Bunnies, we had been talking for months, she was one of the organizers and since I didn't know anyone in Chile I reached out to her for some guidance and she was super helpful.

Rin Rin was also near the entrance so I said hi and chatted for a bit. Later we took a picture together. It was nice to get to meet her, she is like one of us and much of a hugger to my surprise. She is really sweet!

Soon the cocktail and panels started and Misako was nowhere to be seen. You can learn more about that on this post that she wrote herself about the event. As I didn't have much else to do I went take a look at the shopping booths.

I ended up purchasing a few things here and there. Like this little blue hair clip from Cuteberry. They gifted me a postcard from one of their original prints.

Also bought some stickers from a really sweet girl named Macarena, those are also her original designs:

Got this "Pikachu Belle" bookmark from a girl whose name or shop I don't remember anymore, sorry :/

And lastly a necklace from Chilean indie brand Chérie Cerise:

I was actually hoping to buy more stuff but I guess I was late to the party even though I arrived early because the shops didn't seem to have much else left.

The place started to get packed as more and more girls were arriving, I had the chance to talk to some of the Chilean lolitas, I felt more comfortable sticking to English, although I could understand a good 80% of what they were saying, I didn't feel confident enough to reply in Spanish. Most of the Chilean community was really nice to me and I met many awesome girls there.

At some point Misako arrived, poor her, it was clear that she was very tired from the whole situation. When I got in the line to buy some of her merch it was already too late and I lost the chance to get some of her booklets. I still made some small purchases. Later we took a polaroid together, Misako and I and Misako, Rin Rin and I.

Then there was a runway show and Misako walked for Cuteberry wearing one of their original design OPs. Around 17h30 the tea party happened. And by 19h00 Misako and Rin Rin said some words to everyone.

Finally we took a group picture with the special guests:

Picture from Misako's blog.
I left around 20h00. The event was really long and that's my only real complaint. I think it could've been shorter but overall I had a great time and I'm glad I was able to attend. If they ever organize a second edition of Bows Lolita Convention I'll surely try to go.

Here are some pictures from the official photographers. My outfit shot at the entrance was never posted anywhere though:

Shock Fotografias

 Girls lining up to buy Misako's merchandising:

Saved this picture a while ago and now can't find the owner >-<
View from the second floor. Most of the girls were so well-dressed that I almost felt bad about myself haha:

Picture by Dani Misa.
And one last detail picture of my outfit, ivory realness:

Thank for reading ♡


  1. Essa peruca combina demais com você!

    Seu outfit estava perfeito, a maquiagem também. Parece ter sido um meeting bem divertido! Essas indie brands chilenas são tão legais, adorei o vestido que a RinRin estava usando.

    1. Obrigada Amy <3 essa peruca é de uma amiga que me emprestou na verdade pq eu não tinha nenhuma peruca clara! O outfit da Rin Rin estava maravilhoso *o*

  2. Todas tão lindas!! Fiquei muito p da vida por ter que cancelar meu voo pro Chile porque tinha que trabalhar :/// Fora isso, seu outfit estava perfeito *0* Adorei as comprinhas também!

    Mas nossa quando você mencionou que o meeting foi longo eu bem fiquei pensando hehe

    1. Obrigada Vic! Comprei poucas coisas porém bem bonitinhas haha :3 foi muito longo mesmo, acho que não precisava disso tudo, foi bem cansativo :/

  3. Your outfit is lovely! And I really like your make up. That does sound like a really long event! I imagine I'll get tired quickly, especially if traveling. But it looks like a lovely event.

    1. It was awesome indeed :)! And thank you! I tried my best with the make-up but I never seem to be satisfied when it comes to that, maybe I'm comparing myself too much with Instagram beauty gurus hahaha ^u^

  4. I think you look great, I would never have said that you looked tired or bloated. :) It certainly does soun like a great event and a welcoming community, wish I could've come. But 10/12:30 til 8pm is madness! At least there was the tea party to keep you energised, but that's still a loooong time. Maybe they could only get the guests or the venue for that one day... Still, sounds so much fun.
    Good luck with the move!

    1. Thank you sooo much *u* Indeed it was too long but maybe they'll change that next time! No one deserves 8+ hours of wearing wigs, heels, etc

  5. Gorgeous as always, Audrey! I'm very curious about languages that looks identical but they're not and how it influence their speakers, like portuguese and spanish as romance languages. Same case here, I can understand some things in portuguese but I'm not able to reply. I'm glad you were able to enjoy the TP even when it lasted too long! I'm totally with you, Lolita is all fun and games until your heels plots to kill you :(

    1. I'm just really afraid to say something wrong is Spanish without realizing it and sounding like a total dumbass hahaha. Lolita is wonderful but it can be painful too, and itchy! Thank you, that outfit was completely out of my comfort zone I'm glad it turned out okay ^u^

  6. Everything it's so sweet and your outfits it's just perfect!! I will meet Misako one day ¡I know! Your photographs are wonderful, so pretty!